5 Reasons to Build a Home in the Hill Country

The rolling Hill Country – the pride of Central Texas. There are few places in the country that hide so much richness behind every crest and bend. From ranch homes, bbq, secret swimming holes, and upscale country living, the Hill Country is the perfect place for anyone looking to build a custom home – even the people who don’t know they want to yet. Here are 5 reasons why you should build your next home in the Hill Country.

Wide Open Spaces

It isn’t called a country for no reason. The Hill Country goes on for over 250 miles from San Antonio to the Edward’s Plateau. While most of the land in Texas is private, much of it has yet to be developed. The Hill Country is a great example of prime land that is ripe for the picking. If you like grasslands, forest, cliffs, and rivers, you have to build in the Hill Country.

History and Tradition

As long as mankind has been living in Texas, they’ve been living in the Hill Country. From Native Americans, to Spanish explorers, American settlers and of course the first native Texans – the Hill country is what it is today because of its history.

Small Town Charm 
Texas is home to 3 of the largest cities in the United States; however, its real charm is in the countless small towns that dot it the land over. Many of the prettiest, most charming town are found in the Hill Country. At times it isn’t uncommon to roll through a town like Fredericksburg and feel like you’ve been transported back to some German village in Europe.

Independent People

Wide open spaces, history, tradition, and small town charm will produce some of the most interesting people you may ever meet. There is a strong feeling of independence that comes from not only being a Texan, but a resident of the Hill Country. Even though you may not be able to see your neighbors around because you’re all cozily nestled in the woods, there’s a good chance you may end up being closer to them than you otherwise would in the city.

Still Close to the City

The best part about building a home in the Hill Country is that you’re never that far from civilization. Work commutes aren’t bad when considering what you get to come home to. Weekend getaways for fun or shopping are just a pleasant car ride away. Living in the Hill country means you get the best of both worlds.

Let’s Make Your Dream Home a Reality

CKC_Custom_Homes_Our-Process_Construction_Framing1At CKC we are all about making our customer’s vision come to life. From land purchasing, site development, design and custom home construction – we work closely with you every step of the way. Build a home in Hill Country and experience South Texas living at its finest!


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