7 Signs You Are Ready To Invest In A Custom Home

Perhaps you have been searching for a home for a few months. Maybe you have been looking for a year or more, or possibly you have just recently decided to enter the home buying market. How do you know when to stop searching for your perfect home and decide to begin your custom homebuilding experience? How do you know if custom homebuilding is right for you?

Read over our list of the seven crucial signs you are ready to invest in a custom home. If you identify with a few or all of these points, you’re ready to contact CKC Custom Homes today.


1. You Can’t Find “The One”

You’ve been on the lookout for a home that fits your specific character and unique style and haven’t been able to find “the one” just yet. You would like a home that is uniquely yours – has a distinct character and suits you flawlessly. It is difficult to mold an existing residence into exactly what you need because it wasn’t initially built for you. Rather than renovating or remodeling, ensure that you and your family’s needs are tended to precisely with a custom home.


2. You Have Meticulous Expectations

You’re through making compromises and are focused on creating the household you have been dreaming of. You know exactly what you want and aren’t willing to settle. Whether you have always envisioned basking in the sun in a glistening infinity pool or strolling through a grandiose walk-in pantry with elaborate shelving, exquisite features and functioning elegance are high priorities.


3. You See Standard Options Aren’t Adequate

Your needs and desires go above and beyond the standard options offered in the majority of residences. You are thinking about incorporating more environmentally friendly elements or constructing an in-home library and office space for your business. Custom homebuilding possibilities are limited only by what you can imagine.


4. You’ve Done The Math

While building a custom home requires an initial expenditure, that investment can mean significant financial savings in the long run. Every consideration will be made in regards to material, energy, aesthetic, framework and functionality beforehand. This attention to detail regarding your unique specifications will prove financially beneficial by addressing your needs sooner rather than later.


5. You Have Already Been Approved By A Reputable Lender

You are getting this crucial step in the home buying process taken care of ahead of time. Establishing what you can afford should be the first step to knowing what kind of home you are looking for. You have sought out a local reputable lender and have been either approved or you are already pre-qualified. You stay in close contact with your lender to ensure that everything is running smoothly.


6. You Understand The Advantages Of Beginning Anew

You have a difficult time being satisfied with previously owned costly purchases like houses and cars. You understand that wear and tear is inevitable and understand the value of being the first homeowner of a new residence.


7. You Already Have A Neighborhood In Mind

Moving into an established neighborhood can create a vital sense of community. You have already done some searching and may have a few neighborhoods in mind that meet your standards in terms of good schools, recreational areas, shopping centers and more. Some of the top neighborhoods in San Antonio, for example, include Terra Mont, The Dominion, Canyon Springs, Reserves at The Heights at Stone Oak and Ridge at Lookout Canyon.

If you’re ready to create a one-of-a-kind customized home that you and your family will cherish for years to come, contact CKC Custom Homes today.




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