7 Tips for Maintaining Your New Home

We love the look on our clients’ faces when they walk into the final reveal of their newly finished custom homes. All the features fit to their likings – brand new and ready to accommodate comfortable living. What makes us even more ecstatic is hearing years after their build, just how good-as-new their home is. We recently met with Charley Wasson, owner of one of our first builds, (full interview with Charley coming soon!) and were delighted to hear that his home is just as breathtaking as it was day one.

More often than not with homes, we see people wait until something is truly broken to fix it. We always harp on remaining proactive and maintaining every aspect of your home with routine maintenance tasks. Too often, people move to replacing items over maintaining. A simple walkthrough can save you the time and effort raised by would-be problems stemming from neglect.

Your home is an investment and your place of relaxation; take the time and steps necessary to keep it at tip-top shape. If you perform these tasks regularly, you’ll be able to sleep soundly at night knowing you’re protecting the value and status of your forever home.

Outdoor Tips

  1. Inspect your exterior paint job. Gravity and water can lead to cracking and chipping. Avoid further damage and paint over immediately.
  2. Trim trees and shrub life that are 3 inches are closer to the house.
  3. Inspect door and window caulking yearly. Apply proper weather stripping to protect from the elements.
  4. Test your garage door monthly, looking for obstructions on blockages of the door or sensor.

Indoor Tips

  1. Clean out your clothes dryer’s exhaust duct frequently to protect against fire hazards.
  2. Vacuum and clean your refrigerator coils located beneath the appliance.
  3. Test your smoke detectors quarterly, replacing their batteries yearly. Use this time to also check fire extinguishers on hand and review fire drills with your family.

Following these easy steps will go a long way in protecting your home in the long term, keeping your interior and exterior in a condition that you’ll love to show off. If you’re looking for more tips, just give us a call! We’d love to share more of our expertise with you.









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