Advantages of Building a Custom Home as to Buying a Resale Home

Mediterranean, traditional, modern. Wood finishes, flooring styles, and landscaping. Deciding to make the move to a new home is already filled with choices and options galore, but the first to decide is in our opinion the most important.

Should I build a custom home or buy a resale home?

As custom home builders ourselves, the advantages for building new is easily apparent to us – but to help you with your decision, we’ve highlighted the top 8 reasons you should build new over fixing or moving into an existing home.

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Get What You Want

If you’re currently in the process of visiting homes available for resale, I’m sure you’re aware that there’s never truly a perfect fit. When thinking about your dream home, you likely have an idea of the exact layout, your finishes, and even the appliances you’d want the minute you move in. But if you’re searching for a resale, you know you’ll never find a home that meets exactly what you want.

When you build from the ground up, you’ve got the ability to add in all the charms and quirks that you’ll never find in a resale. When building a CKC Custom Home specifically, you have the advantage of working with two interior designers and an experienced builder guiding you to what is currently trending in the industry and instructing on pieces that are truly timeless. You’ll never have to settle on a set number of rooms, garages or even storage space. You get exactly what you’ve dreamed of.

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Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has exploded in the past few years with options galore available to your custom home. One of the major downsides heard of resale homes are the outdated systems already in place, and how they continually work against you in the long run. When building a new home, new top of the line energy efficient appliances go a long way in saving you money long term. Items like heating and air equipment, windows, and even up-to-date plumbing are all the best of the best from the moment of the build.

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Avoided Health and Environmental Hazards

When building new, you’re aware of every piece and element that goes into the build of your home. Health concerns like asbestos, lead paint and mold are avoided as you can rest assured that the newest of materials are in use. In addition, the newest materials on the market like green appliances, energy star rated appliances or efficient plumbing fixtures all help the local environment by eliminating the concerns that older homes and materials may have.

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Perfect Fit For Your Lifestyle Materials

One of the top perks of going with a custom home is the ability to plan for your lifestyle needs like furniture or entertainment systems. Not only can you make your room work for your favorite piece of furniture, but when building with CKC, we always install proper wiring for technology upgrades. Just one example would be for a full speaker system. Even if it’s not something you’re interested in installing at the time of your build, we can always prewire for your future needs to make sure the lifestyle you want to live today and tomorrow is always available. Prewiring with CKC is extensive in our wiring for security systems, sound systems, lighting automation and more to be sure whatever your needs may be, your home is well equipped to deliver.

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Easier Return on Investment

In the current market, the newest of homes are selling more quickly and for more. Though we always try to build your dream, forever home, we understand that our clients may look to move one day. Our custom build homes keep resale in mind to make sure your ROI is always kept in mind as well.


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Warranty You Can Trust

At CKC, we offer a 10-year structural warranty on all of our homes on top of a 1-year builder’s warranty after the home is built. We like to keep our clients’ best interests in mind so they can sleep tight knowing their home is under warranty, in the event that the unlikely would happen.

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Built-In Equity

One of the items we’ve been proudest of in our years building custom homes has been our record with home equity. The majority of CKC homes generally see a 10-12% equity prior to construction – truly something to celebrate.

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Stress Free

Finally, we want all who choose to build a new home to have a stress free process. And it’s not difficult to rest easy when you know of the lessened concerns that come with a new home. Resale homes always run the risks that come with age. Having to replace a 15-year-old roof or cracks in the foundation is a hassle. Choosing to build a custom home can help navigate away from these issues.


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