Choosing a Great Custom Homebuilder

The decision to custom-build your home is not a casual one. You’ve put in months of research considering where you want to live, the amenities you can’t live without, and all the special touches that will make your house the forever home you’ve always wanted. But how do you find a homebuilder who’s right for your family and your custom home?

1. Find a Custom Builder who Specializes in the Style of Home that You Want

You know exactly what kind of home you want, whether it’s traditional, Mediterranean, modern or another style entirely. Find a builder with years of experience doing exactly what you want. They should have plenty of examples in your chosen style, both interior and exterior, available on their website. See if you can even tour a model or recently completed home for an idea of their stylistic expertise.

Modern Home Exterior2. Find a Homebuilder Who Takes Time to Explain Their Decisions

A homebuilder who blows you off when you’re confused is not taking the time to serve you, the customer. Your homebuilder should translate what they’re doing into layman’s terms, and make sure you’re totally at ease with the process of building your home. After all – you’re the one living there! You should be clear on the entire process.

CKC Custom Luxury Pool

3. Find a Custom Homebuilder Who Understands Your Family’s Needs

You’re not buying a home for yourself – you’re buying a home for your children, and maybe even their children. Throughout the building process, your custom home builder should have an interest in the children’s rooms, play spaces, pool safety features and other elements of a family home. The emphasis should be on solid construction and lasting features. A builder who tries to sell you on flashy but impractical trends is not right for your family’s needs.

CKC traditional Custom Kitchen

4. Find a Builder Who Makes Your Details Feel Important

As a customer, you should feel heard by your custom homebuilder. No detail is too small for the home where you’ll spend the rest of your life. A good homebuilder will be honest about what is possible within your budget, but they should also make their best effort to give you your perfect home.

CKC Custom Entryway

5. Find a Builder Who Helps You Through the Whole Process

Does the builder lay the final brick, throw up their hands, and say goodbye? Or are they there to walk you through financing, closing, even design finishes? A custom builder who is truly invested in your home will see you all the way through– above and beyond their basic construction duties.

CKC Custom Exterior

When you’re choosing a custom homebuilder, you’re not just choosing a company. You’re choosing someone to partner with six to twelve months. You’re choosing someone to do their best work for you and your family. Ultimately, you’re trusting them to give you the home of your dreams. If you think CKC Custom Homes might be the builders for you, contact us and set up a consultation. We would be honored to build your forever home.

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