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Being that we run a small business here in San Antonio, we love supporting other local small businesses! So a couple of weeks ago when we received an invite to the grand opening and fashion show of Element Boutique, of course we went! Element is the new trendy clothing boutique opened inside the Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar downtown on Broadway. Both business’ are owned and operated by friend, Alicia Guevara and Element co-owner Grizelda Garza. We had such a great time at the show and loved all of the new fashion we saw. We were lucky enough to get a front row seat to check out the new line. Check out some of the things Element had to offer!

The Boutique inside the Oxygen Room & Beaty Bar

Element Boutique San Antonio

Here are Brittany and I at the backdrop for the runway. We had such a fun night, full of laughter, drinks and fashion!

CKC at Element Boutique, kristal powell

What a great outfit for a night out or date night!

Element Boutique Fashion

This coral statement necklace is sure to brighten up any outfit!

Coral Necklace Element Boutique

When I saw this dress on the rack I just fell in love and HAD to try it on! It is so lightweight and very trendy! 

Kristal Powell at Element Boutique

Here is a picture I snapped of Brittany with a cute pillow she found in the shop.

Brittany Mayberry at Element Boutique

Chuck had a lot of fun at the show as well!

Chuck Powell at Element Boutique

The Boutique also offers an array of very cool paintings done by a local artist here in San Antonio. We were so impressed with the decor in the shop. 

Element Boutique Artwork

Element Boutique Decor

Here are a few more photos from the night. We highly recommend you stop in and check out this boutique for yourself! Here you are sure to find something spunky and charismatic! 

Oxygen Room San Antonio

Brittany and Kristal at Oxygen Room

Kristal Element Boutique Makeup

Till next time,

Kristal Powell


Though we like to stay ontop of current fashion trends with our friends at Element, we truly specialize in custom home building. Check out our work and let us know what you think!

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