Common Custom Home Building Mistakes

Owning and building your own custom home has been a dream of yours for as long as you can remember. Are you finally ready to take the plunge down the path of custom home living? Make sure you avoid some common custom home building mistakes so you’ll realize your dream more fully while saving yourself some hassle along the way.


Going at it alone.

interior-designWe assume that if you’re reading our CKC Custom Homes blog then you’re seeking to partner up with a knowledgeable homebuilder with an excellent track record of satisfaction and success. You’re already far ahead of many other hopeful homeowners.

Deciding to go at the custom home building process alone could end up costing you more money in the long run. Unless you have extensive knowledge of the industry and in every aspect of the building process, you could be taken advantage of by shady contractors and rogue tradesmen. When it comes to your dream home, you need someone who has been in the business for years and who has a portfolio of delighted customers.

Hiring experts may cost more upfront, but the amount of time, money, and problem you’ll avoid will more than make up for it.


Not hiring the right builders.

buildersWhen you go see your doctor, you don’t often think he’s just some money-loving businessman trying to part you from your hard-earned money. You trust him, his education, and his expertise to diagnose and treat you. You should be able to trust your custom home builder in much the same way, because they are handling perhaps the biggest part of your life – your home.


Cutting corners.

shutterstock_109428296A well planned budget is paramount to realizing the home of your dreams. Even when working with the smallest budget, it does no good for the overall end result when you try to skimp on professional design and materials. High quality workmanship comes at a price. By choosing to go the extra mile and spend the extra dollar, you’ll ensure that you’ll be as in love with your custom home at year 10 as you were the day you moved in.


Making additional changes after plans are finalized.

Anaqua-Springs-Ranch-2This is a big one. Many prospective custom home owners don’t realize that there are important stages in construction. Once the slab has been laid, the walls raised and the sheetrock and paint have been applied, some people decide they want that extra niche bathroom next to the kitchen after all. Depending on the rest of the layout of the house, this can become a large setback as the home builder must now rip out existing work and try to tap into water and power lines for redirection to the new room.

Not only does making additional changes after a critical construction phase has been completed add more stress to the situation and extend the timeline, it just simply costs more money. By working close with your home builder, you can come to a place of confidence in your design and in the result to come.


Experience Custom Home construction the way it was meant.

award winning custom homes san antonio stone oakFrom land acquisition to handing you the key to your new life, CKC Custom Homes is committed to partnering with you every step of the way. Contact us today and discover what CKC can do for you.

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