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Luxury Home Customizations: Where To Invest Your Money and Where To Save It

 What to expect: One of the top questions we get asked when our clients begin the planning process is: what aspects of a custom home should I invest and where should I be more monetarily conscious? In this guide, we’ve broken down the best places to spend a little extra and the the areas where you can tighten the budget. In the guide we’ll detail strategies so you can make each of these points work for your custom home building experience.

 Lot Selection for Your Custom Home in San Antonio

What to expect: The journey that is the lot selection process for your custom home can be one that’s time intensive, expensive, and sometimes bewildering. Before you sign the dotted line and break ground make sure you’ve done your fair share of preparation. Adhering to the following guidelines will make your search efforts more fruitful.

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 Custom Home Building in Central Texas: Which Community is Right for You?

What to expect: If you are looking to purchase a custom luxury home in the coming months or years, you will quickly discover that Central Texas is the ideal place to settle down. At CKC Custom Homes, we understand that choosing a community to build your dream custom home may appear to be a daunting task, so we have simplified the process. We have selected five of the finest neighborhoods in San Antonio and its surrounding areas to choose from. We have expertise building within these communities and extensive information about which features and facets matter to our clients most.