Custom Home Building Vocabulary

Building a custom home can be an overwhelming experience if you are not familiar with the complex facets of planning, constructing and completing a structure. While we at CKC pride ourselves on taking care of every possible detail for our clients, homebuilding is an excellent opportunity for new homeowners to learn more about the process of building. This also presents an opportunity for our clients to expand their home owning vocabulary – giving you more of a sense of autonomy and control when it comes to your custom home decision making.

Below are 10 terms to familiarize yourself with before constructing a new home. Of course, there are whole glossaries of construction terms, so be sure to do some additional research if there is a particular are of interest.

Awning Window

An window hinged at the top, operated by one or more control devices that swing the bottom edges of the sections outward, designed to admit air and exclude rain


A balcony, staircase or terrace comprised of a row of balusters or an ornamental parapet

Cove Lighting

Concealed indirect light built behind a cornice or horizontal recess, which directs the light upon a reflecting ceiling

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A refractory mortar used to lay firebrick in the bed and walls of a fireplace


Thin wood or metal applied to a wall to level the surface for lathing, boarding or plastering to create an insulating air space and to damp proof the wall


The process of fitting glass into windows or doors

Grade Line

The point at which the ground rests against the foundation wall


A roofed outdoor living space, also known as a patio or a veranda, the lanai is intended to be a defined space – more luxurious than a simple patio

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A post at the head or foot of a flight of stairs, supporting a handrail


A roofed ground-level porch or walkway typically leading to the main entrance of a building that is usually supported by columns or enclosed walls 


The finishing operation that produces a smooth, hard surface on concrete slab


Remember, these vocabulary terms are just the beginning! Custom home building allows you an incredible variety of options to your residence – if you can dream it, we can build it. If you are ready to begin your journey toward a stunning new home, contact CKC today.


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