Custom Home Spring Landscaping

Spring is here, which means plentiful opportunities to brighten the exterior of your home. From patio to deck, cultivate your outdoor experience with some sophisticated shrubbery and long-lasting perennials. Rather than over-the-top floras, though, keep your maintenance manageable with refined, immaculate landscaping.

Our team at CKC Custom Homes is focused on building custom homes tailored to fit each of our clients’ needs, which includes incorporating any requests for their immediate outdoors as well. After consulting with the homeowner, our landscaping professionals add finishing touches to the plot of land to create the perfect abode.

Look over a few of our favorite landscaping trends for spring and start getting the plans for your grounds ready.


Compliment Your Environment – Iron Horse

iron-horse-luxury-custom-homes5As one of the leading custom homebuilders in Texas, we are accustomed to choosing florae that are acclimated to the warm weather. Drought-resistant, low maintenance plants are a favorite of ours due to the rocky soils and irregular rainfall. Take some time to plan with your builder in accordance with your surroundings. If your custom home is located on a hilly piece of land, or near water, add some distinguishing lawn ornamentation that plays up those features.


Stepping Stones – Terra Mont

award-winning-custom-home-builder-Terra_Mont_Elegance_4This picturesque stepping stone path was the ideal option for those shady areas alongside this elegant CKC Custom Homes Terra Mont project. The geometric pattern adds visual interest and provides a practical option to a walkway. The carefully crafted hedges that adorn either side of the home’s entrance are simple and understated but incredibly effective.


Floral Accents – Creekside Cove

creekside cove custom landscape frontUnique selections of flowering plants can accent a specific exterior area of your home. Depicted here is a well-placed cluster of crimson blossoms that add some color to an otherwise monochromatic pathway. Keep your floral choices subdued and sophisticated.


Arboreal Clusters – Briggs Ranch

Briggs Ranch Custom Home San AntonioIf you are planning to build in an area that boasts a plentiful selection of trees, choose a few groupings that are particularly visually appealing. These aged, natural beauties will contribute to the natural aesthetic and add to the overall grandeur of your custom home. Native species common to Texas include a variety of oak, cypress and maple trees.

Anything is possible when it comes to constructing your dream home with CKC Custom Homes. Use every inch of your property to infuse your style and aesthetic, which includes your outdoor space. Make the most of your new home’s potential and contact CKC Custom Homes today.



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