Custom Home Trends for 2014

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Just like fashions, cars, and entertainment, there are trend patterns in custom home building. Some of them turn out to be passing fads, but others are more persistent and become a regular part of the home building industry. Here are some of the top new home trends for 2013, from the interesting to the unusual.

Earth-friendly (“green”) home design

shutterstock_135638495A trend that’s actually been gathering steam for a few years now, eco-friendly home building has been very strong so far in 2013.

Today’s green construction is about more than just installing energy-efficient appliances. Home designers are creating structures that are more in tune with the environment— using recycled, reused, or biodegradable construction materials, taking the landscape into consideration, and creating home systems that draw on natural resources like solar, wind, and rain.

Multi-purpose homes with additional space

metalsAnother recent trend is the incorporation of extra rooms or suites into custom home design. This additional space is being used for a variety of purposes:

  • Bonus rooms are popular lifestyle options that give families extra space for hobbies or entertainment. This versatile trend offers a room that can be adapted to the current life of the home.
  • In-law suites are a popular choice for families who are bringing multiple generations under a single roof. The private suites usually include their own bathrooms and separate entrances from outside.
  • Dual suites offer another type of floor plan for multigenerational households, with a communal living space and separate privacy areas.
  • Home theaters / media rooms
  • Going out to the movies is more expensive than ever. Many families buying custom homes are opting for home theaters with big-screen televisions, surround sound, and theater-style seating to mimic the experience at home.
  • With multiple choices in home entertainment, from cable television to DVD rentals to streaming services, home theaters are a more affordable choice for many. A common trend within this trend is the installation of 3D-ready televisions, which can support 3D video game system and Blu-ray disc formats.


Interior wall design

wall facade showing CKC best custom homes in San Antonio


Designers and new home buyers are opting out of the traditional plaster interior walls in favor of textured surfaces. Natural materials like stone, horizontal or stacked wood planks, and even painted foundation walls are being used for the main living areas of many new custom homes.

Outdoor rooms

Anaqua Springs Mediterranean Custom HomeThe outdoor living space is becoming more domesticated. This year has seen a rising interest in “outdoor rooms”—those that incorporate yard space right into the home design, giving added features like decks, courtyards, and terraces the function and feel of an indoor room.

Some of these spaces use glass windows and doors with high energy efficiency to offer a seamless transition between interior and exterior. Screened porches and sunrooms are also popular, and many include features like fireplaces, curtains, standard furnishings, or even entertainment systems.

Also popular are outdoor kitchens. These more enclosed versions of decks or fire pits often feature elaborate equipment for food preparation. They may come equipped with sinks, refrigerators, and countertops in addition to the standard grill. Home owners are also opting for hybrid grills that can be used with gas, wood, or charcoal. Some specialty features for outdoor kitchens include beer taps, pizza ovens, and complete prefabricated kitchens.

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