Do I Need an Interior Designer?

We’ve all got aspirations to have a home that literally takes away the breath of whomever walks into our homes. Our Pinterest boards are filled with dreams of what our ideal décor looks like, and if we only had the time, we’d make it happen ourselves, right?

With inspiration pulled from all the newest emerging web services and sites (Pinterest and Houzz, just to name a few), many homeowners looking to revitalize their space pose one questions, “Do I really need an interior designer?” It’s definitely a valid question! One thing we know for sure – you get what you pay for with your designer. Experience, expertise and a creative eye all factor into why we believe choosing the perfect professional designer is the way to go. Beyond that, we think a few of the reasons listed below may help you make your decision and get you one step closer to your flawless space.

Keep Function in Mind

How many times have you seen a piece at a store that caught your eye immediately and you bought it on the spot, only to take it home and realize it didn’t fit? An interior designer will keep your home’s function in mind, considering the purpose for each room and selecting pieces that will supplement that function while keeping layout and spacing top of mind. I personally believe that every item I add to a client’s design has a unique function, coming together to make the room one cohesive living space. The designer you choose should always work to create a layout that will nurture your lifestyle in a harmonious way.

Expertise Goes a Long Way

Not only will an interior designer keep your space functional, but he or she will also avoid common mistakes that many without expertise can make. A great designer will know all the rules on materials, styling, sizing and colors and when it’s acceptable to break them. No more clashing metallics or textures, or furniture leaving your guests sitting at different heights across the room. Bring each room in your home together with a little expert touches here and there.

Don’t Miss Out

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transitiona-decor-san-antonio-5Unique Ideas, Fit for You

Is your obsession with reading what defines you? Your designer can show off your library with a one of a kind bookshelf. Passionate about your hunting trophy collection? Let your designer reflect that in a tasteful way, beyond sticking your mounts to a bare wall. Your designer should be there to provide unique insights and creative ways to differentiate your space to fit your tastes and reflect your personality. It may be easy to see ideas and pull from other homes, but your designer can make your space one-of-a-kind, defined just for you through its design.

Fighting for You

We know from experience the importance of having a tight relationship with a vendor. Without a designer who’s developing these relationships, you may find a piece you like, but may pay double for that item than you would by working with that designer. Not only does a designer know where to go for each piece, but they’ll fight for their clients for the fairest price and work within their budget to deliver the best result. Asking the right questions and understanding the industry and the vendor goes a long way in delivering the ideal design at the right price.

Saves You Money

This one may seem a bit counter-intuitive at first. How does paying a designer to accomplish the design I know I want save me money? Surprisingly, choosing to work with a designer can assist with your overall budget in a number of ways. First of all, they’ll help you commit to a budget and hold you to it. Going back to our first point, many homeowners have items that catch their eyes and purchase on the spot. When this happens multiple times without an overall budget and goal in mind, the costs can add up. A designer will price out each item to complete a room and stick to the approved budget the whole way through. Not only that, but it in the end, your home will have a more complete, cohesive design so that if you ever hope to sell, the value is typically raised through an impressive showing.

Ultimately, the decision to work with an interior designer is up to you. We’ve had many clients try to handle their design themselves, only to come back looking for us to fix their designs. Your home is an investment and your place of relaxation. Don’t let it stress you out, let an expert deliver creating that place for you.

Whether you’re not sure where you want to begin, or have a refined idea of your home design, we’d love to sit down with you to see how we can help! If you’d like to set up a meeting, just click the button below.




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