Happy Thanksgiving from the CKC Team!

Chuck and I had such a great Thanksgiving with our kids and our dear friends the Sigman’s. I know our whole team had an amazing time with their families as well. It was really great being able to take off for a four day weekend and enjoy family! 
Before we left for the holiday we enjoyed a great “Teamsgiving”! We had a potluck at the office and just spent some time with each other after our weekly company meeting. It was great having that time to get to know the team better..and who can or cannot cook (Brittany haha!). We made sure Brittany’s dish was just plain fruit salad; which she rocked! Blane brought chicken spaghetti, which I need to steal the recipe for. Cindy brought green bean salad and Chuck and I were in charge of appetizers. I made my own recipe of chips and salsa. The salsa brought tears to everyone’s eyes with its spiciness. 
Check out everyone’s stories on how they spent their Thanksgiving break.


Brittany Mayberry and Allie
Brittany Mayberry Thanksgiving

I’m not from San Antonio so my husband and I drove the 8 hours home to Louisiana to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families. It was such a long drive but oh so worth it! Since we live so far away we only have so many chances a year to see family. Let me just say that a Louisiana Thanksgiving is worth way more than an 8 hour drive!!
This year was really special because I got to share my favorite side dish with my three year old cousin, Allie. She helped me make the most important side of all GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE. It was so cute watching her mix everything together and just being so eager to help. 
All in all a great Thanksgiving for me and how about that Cowboys win!


Blane and Family
Every year our whole family comes over to Thanksgiving at my house and my mom is cooking all day long! I love snacking on everything she is cooking throughout the whole day and of course love the turkey at the end.
At Thanksgiving we all play a family money game each year with everyone. So fun right! This year I won $30.00 in the game. I loved being able to just hangout with my family all weekend and see my brother who lives in Florida. It was so great catching up with everyone…and winning money;)

Chuck & I

Chuck Powell Family
Kristi Sigman and Kristal Powell
Powell Family Thanksgiving
This year we spent Thanksgiving with our amazing friends, Josh & Kristi Sigman. All of our kids have been friends since birth and Kristi and I are the best of friends, so it was the perfect day. The kids had a blast playing together and we even went hunting and four wheel riding for a bit. It was awesome getting to hangout with the kids, the Sigman’s, and eating amazing food!
Since we had a good 4 day break with the kids we decided to take this time to take our family photos. I put one of the proofs above. It was so fun getting dressed up and taking the photos downtown. Be on the look out for Powell holiday card!
Kristal Powell
Kristal Powell Signature
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