Interview with Interior Designer Sandra Hernandez-Yedor

Through our work over the years passionately building some of the most unique and spectacular custom homes in Central Texas, I’ve personally had the opportunity to connect with the best vendors and designers on the market. And at the top of that list is Sandra Hernandez-Yedor. The whole team loves working with Sandra not only for her expertise but for the joy of each and every interaction. Her online store,, truly shows off her design expertise and each piece really is breathtaking.

I sat down with Sandra recently to share with you all a bit more about the expertise that goes into her work and how much we really love working with her. Hope you enjoy!


Tell us a bit about your experience in the interior design world:

I started out in the retail world actually before discovering my passion for interior decor. I was really looking for a way to further express my artistic side and dove into the study of old classic textile designs that could be re-interpreted into luxe modernity.

And from there Lili & Co was born in late 2002 as a decorative pillow company and later blossomed into Lili Alessandra in 2008 where we really took off with the new brand – representing our always evolving vision. We recently opened our flagship store here in San Antonio, but are fortunate to have our bedding and pillows found nationwide in Nieman’s.


Tell us a bit about what makes Lili Alessandra so special:

First off, we really have the privilege of working with highly skilled artisans who translate each of our detailed designs into magnificent works of art. It’s their craftsmanship that has helped us develop a complete line of highly embellished decorative pillows – hand embroidered and adorned with a range of semi-precious stones, like tiger’s eye, amethyst, and garnets.


Tell us a bit about the textures that go into your collection:

I think what really makes our collections so special are the truly fine, unique materials we use. I work closely with my design colleague, Craig Aple, in selecting a broad range of luxurious velvets, linens and silks as the base fabrics for each collection. Our passion for texture brings a unique mix of fabrics and colors that are defined with an array of embroidered techniques and really stand out to complete a room.


What inspires you for each of your collections:

Every collection, of course, is different. When I discover a new pattern or piece of fabric, I suddenly just find inspiration. Each collection really tells a different story. Most recently I came across a platinum fabric at Neiman’s that later inspired my newest collection. Taking this inspiration and developing a full-fledged product is a whole exciting process though. I recently requested an order of fabric dyes from India and China, and after experimenting and reviewing the swatches for months, choose Blush & Platinum.


If you could use just a few words to describe your collections what would they be?

Every collection ranges from the likes of “old world baroque” to “neoclassical elegance” to “modern naturalistic”. The options are endless and very exciting!


Sandra’s work blows away our clients each and every time we introduce them to a collection that would fit their custom home needs. I definitely recommend giving the Lili Alessandra store a browse at! It really was great to sit down and catch up with Sandra and share her amazing collections with the world! Be on the lookout for our next featured interview at:


See you next time!

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