Lot Selection for Building a Custom Home

You can see it in front of you: your brand new custom home. You know just what you want and can imagine everything in detail. The only thing you don’t know is where your new home is going to be built. You have some ideas: the burgeoning Northwest side of San Antonio, north central up 281, or maybe even further out in the beautiful, rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country. The sky is the limit as far as you’re concerned. You’ll know it when you see it.

Being excited about the custom home building process is common and encouraged! However, one thing many prospective homebuilders do not take into account, apart from lot purchase and construction, are potential and sometimes extensive land development costs. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in popular custom home construction areas surrounding San Antonio, particularly the Hill Country.

Common Pre-construction Process for Lots

So what’s involved in the pre-construction process for lots? Well it depends on several factors of course. First, you’ll have to have a good idea of the size and design of the home you’re looking to build. Second, once you’ve narrowed down your lot choices, you’ll have to survey the land to determine a variety of predictors that will factor into the feasibility of construction and its costs. For instance, what is the soil makeup of the lot? Is there bedrock? Are there contours that will Custom Home Builders need to be re-graded? Is there a hill nearby that will require cutaways, retaining walls, or reinforcement? Is the lot cleared of brush and undesirable trees?

All of these are potential land development costs you’ll need to take into consideration apart from your custom home construction. If you’re not careful, you could end up purchasing a lot that costs as much to prep as the home construction itself. This is something many new custom homeowners may have not taken into account and are thus disappointed when they discover this truth.

CKC can help you find a lot for your custom home

419-Candelaria_Available_Lot_2Don’t let the hassle and expense of searching for a lot on your own slow down your timeline. One of the benefits of choosing CKC is our all-inclusive commitment to our clients at every stage of custom home construction. We don’t only design and build, we can help you find the perfect lot that fits right in with your wishes and your wallet. Call CKC Custom Homes today to see how we can give you the home of your dreams.

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