Luxury Customizations

With CKC Custom Homes, every floor plan is completely customizable – tailored to suit your personality, needs and lifestyle. We combine luxury options, exquisite features and functioning elegance to create the house of your dreams. The home building possibilities with CKC are limited only by what you can imagine.

Our skilled craftsman and knowledgeable staff have previously created an array of custom luxury homes that have incorporated numerous unique and aesthetically captivating features. Some of our favorites include the rain head shower, the hidden pantry and the tongue and groove patio ceiling treatments. Custom details such as these elevate an ordinary house to a one-of-a-kind home. Scroll down for a few examples of our custom work.


Rain Head Shower

For this home, we created a rain shower head so that water falls into the shower from above for the ultimate in luxury and a streamlined appearance.


Hidden Pantry

In our modern home from The Dominion, we were asked to create a hidden pantry that is concealed as a cabinet by the stove.

Hidden pantry


Tongue And Groove Patio Ceiling Treatment

This feature is a standard in all of our homes. Whether your décor is rustic, formal or eclectic, tongue and groove adds textural contrast to walls and floors and enhances a room’s visual appeal.



Hidden Walk Through Showers

One of our signature customizations at CKC is our freestanding bathtub and hidden shower combination. The walk-behind shower provides an unexpected twist to the classical shower / tub facade.


Floating Counters

This design features hollow glass counters with small stones for a tranquil ambiance and a romantic appeal.


Built In Fridge

Built in with cabinetry, this fridge detail saves precious aisle space by sitting flush with cabinets. The resulting look is smooth, custom and organized.


Have some customizations in mind for your new home? Give us a call today. Let’s talk aspirations and get building.


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