Margaritas, Wicked & Shopping OH MY!

Yayyy it’s spring time! Time to put away the heavy sweaters and decorate yourself with bright colors and sunshine. Spring is my favorite season if you can’t tell:) We have been a busy team this first month of spring; check out what everyone here at CKC has been up to this past month below. I would also like to introduce to you guys our newest team member, Jackie Cook. She just started this week and will be assisting me with interior design. You will see a lot more of Jackie in our blogs and social post, so check out her bio below and welcome her to the family!


My month started off not so good…I sprained my ankle and had to wear a boot for the first few weeks of the month. Which was really, really hard for me, not because of the whole sprained ankle thing, but because it meant I couldn’t wear heels for two whole weeks!! It was pretty traumatizing but I’m all better and back to my stiletto wearing self.

I think my favorite thing from this past month was celebrating National Margarita day with my husband (Hey, a whole day dedicated to drinking margaritas..I’m there..First in line). We went to a new to us restaurant called the Taco Garage on Broadway to celebrate this hallowed holiday and their margaritas and tacos were amazing. I highly recommend checking them out. We got a margarita flight so we could sample a few of their flavors.






















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Hi I’m Jackie Cook, I just started working for CKC Custom Homes this week, it has been such a fun experience so far. I can’t wait to start helping all of their awesome clients with designing their dream homes! A little about me..I graduated from UTSA’s College of Architecture with a bachelor’s in interior design. Design has always been a passion of mine, I love being able to work with people in transforming their spaces. When I’m not working on some sort of design you can usually find me spending time with my family or doing my other love of cooking.

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Chuck and I:

So a few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to spend a weekend in New York with my best friend, Kristi. Thanks again Josh Sigman! Her husband gifted her the trip as a Christmas present. We had a blast seeing Wicked on Broadway, sight seeing and eating at different restaurants. TAO was my favorite restaurant. It has Asian cuisine and wow amazing drinks! As much as we love New was so much walking. Kristi says she wants to go to the beach next time **hint hint Josh;)

Other than the trip it has been pretty low key for Chuck and I. We have just been really focused on work lately and taking care of our clients and team.

The kids are on spring break this week, so last week they each had goodbye parties in their classes. I was busy last week making all the goody bags for each student and the teachers. The kids had a blast at the parties and are having even more fun on spring break! I loved getting to spend more time with them this week and have even brought them to work a couple times. They love getting to help us out at work!
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Till next time,

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