Modern vs Contemporary Custom Homes: The Difference?

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The United States is still home to some of the most wide open spaces on planet earth. Within our country is a land that some would consider a country in its own right – Texas. Our state has long been defined by the mavericks and trailblazers, those who enjoy doing things their own way. Perhaps you can identify? Chances are if you’re reading this now, you’re at least exploring the market for a custom home in South Texas. No, a tract home or one from 1985 just won’t do for you. You want something entirely unique and your own.

By now you’ve probably stumbled across various website talking about different types of architectural and design styles found in custom homes across the country. Cape Cod, Colonial, Art Deco, Craftsman, Greek revival, Italianate, Mediterranean, Modern, and Contemporary are a just a few of the buzzwords that have graced the pages you’ve perused. Wait just a second though – Modern and Contemporary? Aren’t those the same things? Actually, modern and contemporary are not the same and CKC is here to give you the lowdown on the difference so you can have a better idea of the type of custom home you really want to build.


Dominion_Modern_Custom_Home_Boerne_14Modern design refers to a specific style that was born at a particular time in American architecture between the decades of 1920 through the 1950s. The important thing to remember is that it is a specific, set style that will not ever change. The modern movement in architecture was the product of mid-century America. Defined by its clean, sparsely decorated interiors, a modern home is typically comprised of natural materials like woods, linens, and leathers that have a molded feel to them. What’s ironic is that the modern style today is often referred to as “retro” today.


Dominion_Modern_Custom_Home_Boerne_18Contemporary is the polar opposite of a set-in-stone style type. It is a design that is ever changing with the times. It is a style that never grows old because all it does is keep up with changing architectural aesthetics. Simply, it belong to the times in which it is in. Whatever is popular is what defines the contemporary style. In one year the contemporary style might be defined by hyper-minimalist, monochrome colors, while the next season might see a digression to incorporating design elements from previous architectural eras. Contemporary is an amorphous animal that can’t ever quite be captured, only chased.

Whatever Style CKC has the Custom Home for You

shutterstock_109428296Modern, Contemporary custom homes, or Ranch-style – we’ve built our business on building the perfect custom homes for each and every one of our customers. Contact us today to see what CKC can do for you.


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