Practical Design Ideas to Incorporate in Your Custom Home

At CKC Custom Homes we are obsessed with turning customer vision into reality. If you’re a hopeful home builder that has been dreaming of your perfect living space every night and has magazine clippings and napkin sketches scattered atop your home office desk, you’re exactly the type of person we want to work with! It’s the vision and the passion behind a custom home that makes it a truly captivating, and personal space. So you’ve no shortage of inspiration it seems, but what about practical design ideas? In the whirlwind of the ideation and creation process sometimes it’s easy to overlook some of the more mundane details that can transform your custom home into a practical, functional living environment.


An Extra Kitchen Sink


Choose where you want it. Will it be built into one of the counters, the center island, or maybe it will be more of an industrial standalone off to the side. Whatever you decide, having an extra kitchen sink is an investment you’ll truly appreciate when it comes to entertaining dinner parties or large groups of family members come holiday time. You can use one sink for hand washing and food prep, while the other is ready to receive all of the dirty cooking utensils and dishes.


Automatic Cabinet Lighting

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Have you ever needed one more ingredient tucked away in some forgotten cabinet or in the depths of the pantry? Aren’t your hands usually covered in flour, oil, batter, butter, or some type of sauce? The last thing you want to do is rummage around in the dark, touching every item and leaving food residue on glasses, bowls, boxes, and bags. Install automatic lights that will turn on the instant you open any cabinet in your kitchen. The extra light will illuminate your situation and help to reduce rummaging around in frustration.


Same Floor Laundry Room

If you’re going for a two-story or more custom home, congrats – you should have a great view! But adding stairs to any situation means you’ll have to lug your items up and down them. One of the more annoying, but necessary household chores that needs tending to is the weekly laundry. Consider whether you’d want your laundry facility on the bottom floor of your home or upstairs in the living areas. By putting your laundry room upstairs, you’ll never have to hoist hampers up and down the stairs when washing or drying.


Equalized Outdoor Utilities

Hose too short? Power cord not reaching? Most homes have power outlets and water lines in the front and back yards, but when it comes to doing work on the sides of your home, this can become problematic. By installing electrical outlets and water lines on each side of your home, you’ll always have easy access to power and convenient place to screw in your garden hose.


Make your Custom Home Work for you

Custom homes are all about personality, luxury, and elegance. Remember though that planning practically and investing in some “what-if” future scenarios during its initial construction can pay off many times over in the future. We can make your ideas come to life with our team of designers and custom builders. View our gallery to see how we’ve turned dreams into reality.


The contents of this blog reflect the opinions of CKC Custom Homes and are for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as professional advice.
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