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CKC Custom Homes is an award winning, family owned company serving San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. However, we do more than just take special care of our clients, we go out of our way to forge lasting relationships with realtors as well. A CKC Custom Home is a place where your clients will do more than live, they will thrive. Their home will be built specifically for them, be uniquely theirs and one of a kind. Best of all your clients will thank you for choosing to work with us! As a realtor, choosing CKC means you’ll get…


As a realtor, we know that you make your way in the industry by receiving the commissions you deserve. Unfortunately it seems that some realtors have to chase after the commission that is rightfully theirs. When you work with CKC, we make sure that when your client is registered with us that you receive your rightful commission in full.

Peace of Mind

shutterstock_88694731The day to day demands of being a realtor call for you to provide your clients with excellent customer service and a high level of satisfaction. We ensure this by working with your client directly to guarantee that their vision is being brought to life on time and within budget.

High Priority

shutterstock_248702437It seems that when it comes time to paying out it takes forever to get the attention you deserve. When your client builds a CKC Custom Home we promise you won’t have to wait until final closing to get compensated. Our CKC policy means we pay our realtors 100% at slab pour.

Experience the CKC Custom Home Difference

shutterstock_109365068Contact CKC Custom Homes today if you have a client interested in building their own home from the ground up. We help with every stage of the build process and will ensure that you and your client’s expectations are exceeded.

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