Relocating to San Antonio and Building a Custom Home

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Why is San Antonio, TX a great place to build a custom home if you’re relocating?


Anaqua Springs Blend Custom Home 1Many people are moving to Texas and San Antonio due to their robust economies that seem to have grown rapidly during and after the recession. San Antonio has long made a commitment to investing diversified businesses and industries. There is a wide array of job opportunity in San Antonio. Tourism, teaching, military, healthcare, fabrication, financial services, energy are just a few of the fields that are in high demand. San Antonio has some of the finest medical facilities in the country and has a number of Fortune 500 companies that base their headquarters there.


shutterstock_232093342San Antonio has been rated by the Brookings Institute rating system as a city with high marks and healthy job market. When many other states and cities around the nation suffered during the Great Recession, San Antonio’s economy went largely unfazed by the turmoil happening. San Antonio a particularly diversified and resilient economy and benefits greatly from NAFTA with trades between the US, Mexico, and Canada. The unemployment rate in San Antonio is below the national average.

Open Spaces

shutterstock_135638495San Antonio is all about open spaces. In fact, so is much of Texas. You won’t have to worry about scrounging around for lots to build on or a few acres you can call your own. There is abundant lot space in the surrounding Hill Country just waiting to be broken and developed. From ranches, farm areas, undeveloped land, communities and more – San Antonio and the surrounding areas have it all.

A City on the Rise

san-antonioSan Antonio isn’t just a city headed in the right direction due to chance. There has been a clear and strategized plan for making sure San Antonio excels. This plan is called SA 2020. The mission of SA2020 is to catalyze the entire San Antonio community into passionate, focused, and sustained action to achieve the shared goals that will transform San Antonio into a world-class city by the year 2020.

As you can see, San Antonio truly is a city on the rise and certainly a prime destination for anyone thinking of moving to somewhere exciting, fresh, and flavorful. Add a brand new custom house of your design to the mix and you may just have found a new home down south.


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