Review of CKC Gives Back Day 2016

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the entire team at CKC was excited for the opportunity to give back and share our thanks with our San Antonio community. That’s why this past November we held our 1st of many to come CKC Gives Back Days! We invited all who were willing – clients, partners, realtors, family and friends – to join us in volunteering at the Hill Country Daily Bread (aka Boerne Food Bank) and had such an amazing turnout!

Not only was it a great opportunity to give back, but we loved meeting with and connecting with all who are important in our lives over a great cause. We even got featured on Kens5 and NHome Magazine making the event that much more exciting!

Check out a few of the highlights from CKC Gives Back Day below!


The girls checking in everyone before kick-starting the day.

CKc Gives Back Day 12

 The group hard at work sorting donated clothing.

CKC Gives Back Day 2

All smiles and thankful to spend time with friends and family!

CKC Gives Back Day 9

Getting our labeling just right before the clothes ships off!

CKC Gives Back Day 8

Past client and current realtor, Charley, having a blast!

CKC Gives Back Day 7

Prepping crackers for delivery.

CKC Gives Back Day 3

Everyone mingling and enjoying a day of giving back.

CKC Gives Back Day 5

We were really diving into the work sorting out clothes!

CKc Gives Back Day 4

More shots of all who came out to support and give back!

CKC Gives Back Day 10

We really are thankful for everyone who came out to support CKC Gives Back Day!

CKC Gives Back Day 6

The event was such a blast, and we can’t wait to do it again next year and for many years to come. We’re actually already planning next year’s Gives Back Day and are thinking about doing it with the Habitat for Humanity. So be on the lookout, and we hope you join us!


See you all next year!

Kristal Powell

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