Sheetrock Texture and Why it’s Important to Your Home’s Aesthetic

Sheetrock texture may not be high on your priority list of customizable options for your home, but it is a subtle way to add layers of dimension to its ambiance.

Most homebuilders offer a standard orange peel sheetrock texture for their clients, but here at CKC we exceed customary selections. We offer our clients a hand trowel option to begin with, but the possibilities are endless.

If you aren’t familiar with sheetrock or the various texture options, read more about this fundamental step in home construction and your custom options with CKC below.

What is Sheetrock?

Sheetrock is a high quality brand of drywall – the material added to the interior framework of a home to complete the wall structures. Panels of sheetrock are made using gypsum plaster which is then covered on both sides by fiberglass matting or exceptionally heavyweight paper.

Once sheetrock is installed, the joints are concealed with special tape and covered with joint compound. Drywall mud is then applied to the sheetrock. A variety of techniques can be used during this final process to create surface texture for the walls and ceilings.

What are the Sheetrock Texture Options?

Depending on the vision for your custom home, you may want your sheetrock smooth, rough or distinctively textured. Below are some of the more common options.


Hand Trowel

This week CKC has begun texturing the sheetrock at our Anaqua Springs Ranch custom home. For this home the owners chose the hand trowel option, which is a unique texture shaped by applying layers of drywall mud at various angles to create the fairly smooth pattern with some one-of-a-kind detail.

Hand Trowel
Santa Fe

This texture is subtle and can be described as two smooth layers – one thinly skimmed layer of drywall mud on top of a thicker layer that is visible from below. The Santa Fe style is popular across the southwestern United States.

  • Santa-Fe-texture


Also called sand swirl, this elegant look is used most often on ceilings but can be used on walls as well. Usually using a medium bristle brush, the tradesman leaves a swirl pattern of half circles across the surface.

  • swirl-sheetrock

Stomp Knockdown

Stomp Knockdown is created using a brush to stomp patterns into the drywall mud thus creating a heavily textured surface. The preferred style brush has stiff bristles and is referred to as a “crows-foot” brush.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.48.37 AM
Hawk and Trowel

This surface texture can transform a flat wall into a more finished look that adds interest to any room. Hawk and Trowel resembles waves in water – layers of drywall mud flowing over others.



Attention to detail is essential when building a new home. Every element should fit your desired expression and align with your vision. Create the right aesthetic appeal by adding a bit of flair with CKC’s custom texture options.

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