Six Smart Bathroom Ideas in a Custom Home

Your bathroom can make or break your day. You may not realize it, but a well-designed and stocked bathroom is a luxury nearly all of us overlook until we don’t have it. While you may have all sorts of ideas as to what your bathroom will be like, remember that some of the most innovative ideas are often those that are simple in scope and execution. Here are six smart bathroom ideas to incorporate into your custom home design.


Make it Outdoor Adjacent

dream-bathroom-accent-doorWe discussed in a previous blog about the importance of designing your home to fit your lifestyle. For many, a custom home gives them the freedom to explore their passions. If your passions tend to be outdoor related or if you have a van full of kids that always seem to get dirty no matter what – a bathroom constructed adjacent to the garage or backdoor is a great way to keep you and your home clean. So next time you come back from a muddy 20 mile trail ride you can step right from the garage and into the shower – a luxury indeed.


A Curtainless Shower

tile-bathroom-640x600These are becoming all the more popular as designers move towards more “open feel” layouts. By removing a shower curtain, a room can be made to appear much larger and have more depth. The bathroom is then designed so that the shower is surrounded on three sides. This area is called the “wet area”. People are realizing more and more that shower curtains are a thing of the past.


Multi-Directional Showerheads

The Provence bathroom 6They say too much of a good thing can be bad, but when has that ever been the case when it comes to showerheads? Many luxury walk in showers are now being built with multiple, multi-directional showerheads that help transcend the typical shower experience. Now you can feel like you’re being bathed in an invigorating embrace of a waterfall right in the comfort of your own home.


Simplify your Layout

Dominion Modern bathroom luxury custon homes 15The modern trend is open spaces and less drawers and cabinets. More and more people are transforming their bathrooms into simplified, functional spaces that allow the user to feel at comfort and ease. Consider an uncluttered, open, clean feel when designing the bathrooms in your custom home.


Functional Mood Lighting

Boerne Elegance bathroom 7Lighting is everything. While lighting has long been considered important in many areas of the home, it is only recently that bathroom lighting has been given the same level of attention. After a long day at the office or a particularly intense workout at the gym, wouldn’t it be nice to come home to your very own spa-lit bathroom? Draw up a bubble bath, light a candle and get a glass of wine as the lights dim to a perfect intensity that promotes rest and relaxation.


A Standalone Tub

Briggs_Ranch_bathroom-luxury_30Hate taking a shower in the tub? Separate them. A standalone tub adds a glam, upscale feel to your bathroom and will almost become the focal point of the room. Now you can bring that tub away from the wall and right out in the center of everything.


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