Avoid these Custom Home Building Mistakes

So you’re in the market for a custom home? Not many thing you do in life will be as meaningful as the place you create to house life’s memories. The first step is to find a reputable custom home builder that will partner with you to bring your vision to life. The second is to find the perfect place to build – one that speaks to you and that will complement your new home beautifully. But before you break ground, here are a few things you should consider so you can avoid some common custom home building mistakes.

Too Many Closets

shutterstock_109365068Space in any home is important, but when you have the means to design your own custom home, it means that all the planning falls on you! Sometimes prospective homeowners don’t realize that they don’t need that huge walk in closet, extra hall closets, and coat closet downstairs. When you start adding all of the closets up, you might realize that you’ve severely cut into your usable sq. footage. Make sure you make full use of your layout and don’t simply have a bunch of small rooms only good for storage!

Overlooking Seasonal Lighting

shutterstock_109428296When it comes to lighting, natural is always the way to go. However, be certain you plan your windows and skylights accordingly depending on the seasons. By planning on how you can maximize natural light no matter if it’s summer or winter you can save big on utilities.

Hobby Specific Rooms

shutterstock_345967097Do you have a particular hobby you enjoy? Sometimes custom home builders dream of having a room specifically set apart to devote to their latest projects, but hold on just a second. Don’t go spending thousands of extra dollars to maybe use a room a few times a year. Make sure your frequency is high enough to warrant adding a hobby specific room to your budget.

Doing Double Work

shutterstock_52064890Layout is king in a custom home. A good example of bad layout would be to put the laundry room at the far end of the house away from the bedrooms. Even worse, imagine having to go up and down the stairs all day with hampers lugging clean a dirty clothes from room to room. Design your custom home so it functions beautifully and makes sense.

Not Getting the Right Advice

CKC_Custom_Homes_Meet_Your_Team_CustomHomeBuildersIt’s safe to say that we don’t always have the right answers in life, so when that moment of uncertainty comes – don’t worry, you’re not alone! There are experts out there who do. You don’t have to go at the custom home building process alone. Get the right advice from CKC Custom Homes today.

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