4 Custom Home Considerations Before Breaking Ground

What is it about the custom home building experience that seems to attract a certain kind of person? Is it the freedom to construct your living space exactly as you dream it? Is it the process of working with designers, architects, and contractors? Is it the feeling of pride and ownership and the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for friends and family to enjoy? It’s probably a little of everything. Whatever the attraction, the allure of buying land and building on it is an itch that won’t ever go away until given into. Many prospective custom home owners have a general idea about how they want their new home to look. However, many are unaware of a few factors that must be carefully considered before partnering with a custom home builder. Whoever you select to help bring your vision to life, they need to meet these four custom home building needs.

You need Experience

CKC_Custom_Homes_Meet_Your_Team_CustomHomeBuildersSure, you could save a few dollars by going with lesser established contractors and home builders, but you’d be taking a risk of course. Alone, you’re left to negotiate industry standard rates, contracts, and project specifics. Most home owners don’t have the experience, knowledge, or necessary time to devote to such an endeavor. By going with a well-established home builder you’re in a more secure place and are able to validate their expertise and track record with past clients.

You need Variety

varietyYou came to a custom home builder because you want a custom home. A true home builder will have the capabilities to take your ideas and vision and bring them to reality. They have their own team of designers, architects, engineers, etc. If you run into a home builder that tries to get you to pick between just a few premade layouts – walk away. Custom home building is about creating your own personal masterpiece, one that no one else will ever have.

You need Influence

Award-winning custom home in San Antonio. View from the outside.A well established, reputable home builder will have made valuable connections in contracting and labor. As such, they should be able to give you the best price, because they in turn are receiving the best price from their network of contacts. These contractors should also be trusted to do stellar work, because the home builder would not be using them if they felt they were a liability. Their influence is paramount to the success of your custom home.

You need Security

custom home builder san antonio Anaqua Springs 5Once the contracts have been signed, the build has been completed, and you’re finally handed the keys to your new life, the home builder’s job shouldn’t end there. Reputable custom home builders will offer extended warranties for a certain duration of the life of the home. This is done to cover their work and to save their name should something go amiss after construction. These warranties will go a long way in making sure your home stays in top shape years in to the future.


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