CKC Custom Homes Is Awarded Two 2020 Star Awards

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CKC Custom Homes

San Antonio, TX-The Texas Association of Builders (TAB) announced the 2020 Star Awards winners on July 23. This year marked the first time in program history that the presentation of awards was revealed virtually via Zoom due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Star Awards are given annually to recognize excellence in all areas of the homebuilding industry. With a record of 614 entries this year, CKC Custom Homes in San Antonio were presented with two of the Star Awards in different categories.

CKC Custom Homes won the Star Award for the following custom home categories:

  • Best Showroom/Sales Center
  • Best Direct Mail Piece

She said, “Specializing in affordable luxury home interiors and meeting all of the budget needs is the goal we set for all of our San Antonio customers.”

“We ask you what your goals are and what your financial budget is and then we want to know what your dreams are and what your dream home looks like to you. It is our job to mesh all of these factors together and we do a great job of that.” CKC Custom Homes aim to please each client and is committed from start to finish in making your dream home become your reality.

As a result of making your dream home into a reality, CKC Custom Homes has been awarded two Star Awards and with their track record, more awards are awaiting them in the future.


San Antonio Realtor Spotlight: Cat Lodge

The CKC team recently sat down with Cat Lodge, a local realtor with Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper Realtors, to discuss her perspective and experience in real estate, especially in new construction. Cat is a second-generation real estate professional with a love of home design, a passion for real estate and a background in communications. Cat works hard to ensure that the home buying and home selling experience is stress free for her clients and their families.

She is a member of the National Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, San Antonio Board of Realtors and Women’s Council of Realtors who serves the Boerne, Bulverde, Cibolo, Helotes and San Antonio areas. With a degree in journalism from Queensland, Australia, Cat knows how to ask the right questions, communicate effectively and negotiate expertly to get the deal done.



  • You are originally from Australia – what brought you to Texas?

    • I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, which is near the beaches of the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef. My husband and I moved to the United States about 13 years ago for his work. He’s a neuroscientist currently working at the UT Health Science Center. We lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for six years before moving to San Antonio, and we absolutely love living in Texas.
    • I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelors degree in Journalism and worked as a sports journalist before moving into corporate communications. After working in corporate communications and taking time off to raise my two boys, I transitioned into real estate.


  • Can you tell me a bit about your experience in real estate?

    • My grandfather was a real estate broker. He owned his own real estate brokerage in a beachside town outside of Brisbane. My father is a small business owner that invests in real estate as a hobby. He buys houses, renovates them and rents them out.
    • I worked for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh (FHL Bank). Part of my job was interviewing recipients of the bank’s affordable housing program grants. That program helps lower income families buy a house, and I really enjoyed getting to speak with homeowners excited about buying a home. For many it was the first time they’d ever bought a home, and the excitement and pride they felt was great to write about. I really felt excited for them! I’d say that sparked my interest in helping people buy and sell homes.
    • I took a few years off work to raise my kids and later wanted to get back into work in a career that offered flexibility of hours, and was something I had a love for. I love home design, had worked with realtors previously during the home buying and selling process, and felt like it was something I’d be great at.


  • What about your experience working with custom homebuilders specifically?

    • I think custom homes are perfect for the homeowner who doesn’t want a cookie cutter home, someone who wants to customize every aspect of their new home from lot and layout to finish selections. With a production builder you don’t have that complete freedom to choose.When you’re buying a resale home, you have to consider how much life you have left in the roof, the HVAC system, water heaters etc. You don’t have those same concerns with a new construction
  • What’s the price range of most of the homes you have sold?

    • The median price of a home in San Antonio is around $200,000. Most of my clients are looking from $250,000 to $500,000 but I do have clients looking up to 1 million.


  • How many clients are you currently representing?

    • I average about four to five buyers at any one time. I want each client I work with to feel like they are getting the attention they would if they were my only client. I make myself available at all times to answer their calls, emails and texts. I let them know at the start that they are never bothering me when they ask me a question. I’ve been on the other side of buying and selling a house, and I behave how I’d have wanted my realtor to treat me.


  • What, in your opinion, is the best neighborhood to buy in at this time?

    • I live in the Vineyard myself, so I’m partial to that area because of the great schools, and it’s location on 1604 right in between I10 and 281. There are a lot of great areas to buy in in San Antonio, though. I recently sold a house to a client in Fair Oaks Ranch out near Boerne. I’m seeing a shift in people living near Stone Oak wanting to move out to Timberwood Park, which is only 10 minutes further out towards Bulverde, but you get a larger lot, lower taxes and exemplary schools.


  • What are some of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) that you have encountered? What is the most important thing that you communicate to your clients when buying or building a new home?

    • When building a home, I tell them to go with a builder that has a great reputation. When buying a resale home, I tell them at the outset that every home has its pros and cons. It’s my job to find them the house with the most pros and the least cons, but to understand that a lot of cons can be fixed. One thing you can’t fix, though, is location.
    • People often don’t know that you need to be preapproved to put an offer in on a house. There’s almost no point going house hunting until you’ve spoken to a lender and know what you can afford. The San Antonio market right now is a sellers market. Nice homes that are priced right are selling within days of being on the market, often in multiple offer situations. You must have that preapproval letter ready to go so that when you see the house you want, you can put an offer in on it right away. Of course, one of the greatest pluses to building your own home is that you don’t have to beat out other buyers!
    • I usually advise my clients to decide on a location, and then see the homes available there. When I was looking for my current home, I decided what area I wanted to live in because of the great schools and excellent location, and then I only looked at the homes I could afford in that location.


  • What distinguishes you from other real estate agents?

    • I work for an awesome broker in D’Ann Harper. Not only is she an inspiration, but she also provides her agents with a support network that helps us go ‘above and beyond’ for our clients. I utilize a program called Powerhouse Marketing when you are selling your home, which is like marketing on steroids. I do more marketing than the average agent and get maximum exposure for your home. That’s key to getting your asking price in the shortest timeframe possible.


  • Who is your ideal client?

    • I love when my clients know what they are looking for in a home, but are also flexible. All around I just love working as a realtor. I love helping people buy their first home or the home of their dreams. I get as excited as they do when we close on a home, and at the end of the day, I get a lot of satisfaction knowing I helped them through the home selling or buying process and that they had fun while doing it.


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Lifestyle Update From The CKC Team

This month has been a busy one at CKC Custom Homes so far. Our team has been working hard and staying involved at home, constantly trying to find that perfect work / life balance.

The weather is warming up, the sun is shinning and we couldn’t be more excited for summer. Here’s a quick recap highlighting what we have been up to in the past few weeks…


Par For The Course

David Rowe of Factory Builders Store took the entire CKC team out to play a few rounds of TopGolf – the indoor golfing experience was complete with a high-tech driving range and swanky lounge. We want to thank David for such an entertaining night. It was great to spend time with the team outside of work.

Blane and Charles both did well and Brittany scored a 15 – I think it’s safe to say she was more interested in the food and drinks than the golf! Chuck did the best, of course, considering he practices out at Briggs Ranch every weekend.


Chuck and Kristal

Chuck and I recently took the kids on a vacation to Mexico. It was so nice to get away for a little while and enjoy our family. The rest and relaxation was very much needed. We spent most of our time laying out on the beach and enjoying each other’s company, but we particularly loved taking the kids to all of the delicious, entertaining restaurants the resort had to offer. Berkley was also celebrating her birthday while we were in Mexico.



Brittany had her wisdom teeth taken out last week. It was her first surgery, so she was a bit nervous and dramatic to say the least. After it was all said and done, though, Brittany told us she really enjoyed being able to eat all of the ice cream she wanted with no judgments and having her husband wait on her hand and foot. Sounds nice! She sent me this picture right before the anesthesia was administered.



Check out this photo of our interior designer, Blane. She likes to keep up with what is trending (which is why she is such a great designer) and decided to dye her hair pink for the summer! We love it. What do you think?


At CKC Custom Homes, our team is constantly staying busy. Between building our award-wining custom homes, managing our new interior design services and keeping up with family and friends, we have a ton of things going on. We are thankful for it all and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Till next time,
Chuck and Kristal Powell

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San Antonio Realtor Spotlight: Joe Canales

The CKC team recently had the privilege to sit down with Joe Canales, a local realtor who we have enjoyed working with a great deal, to discuss his perspective and experience in real estate. In addition to being an incredibly knowledgeable and loyal representative for his clients, Canales is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative and an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist. He serves all of Greater San Antonio, including Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch, Helotes, Cordillera Ranch, Comfort, Alamo Ranch, Leon Springs, Anaqua Springs Ranch, Spring Branch, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, Garden Ridge, Schertz, New Braunfels and more.

With clients ranging from family and friends to business owners, television personalities and even the president of a multinational oil and gas producer, Canales’s experience in the field is undeniably expansive. His knowledge of the local real estate market coupled with more than 10 years of financial services experience makes him an invaluable resource to his clients. The long time resident of South Texas holds a BBA degree in Management with a minor in Finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio.




Can you tell me a bit about your experience in real estate?


It started in 2002, when I was trying to buy my house. I didn’t have my real estate license at that time, but the realtor I was working with called me after my option period ran out when I tried to terminate my contract. As a consequence, I lost earnest money, and it left a bad taste in my mouth toward realtors altogether. Around the same period, I was going to UTSA and taking finance classes. I had a professor who suggested that we get a real estate license just in case we wanted to enter the field later, so I listened. In 2005, I realized that I wanted to become the kind of realtor that I wished I had used – one that takes care of the client and looks out for the client’s interests above his or her own.

I have found that many people are skeptical about real estate agents and often portray them as individuals who are only out for the money. I am trying to break that perception. My goal is to build relationships with people. I take care of them like I am working with my own family.


What’s the price range of most of the homes and lots that you have sold?


Lots usually range from $90- $175K and the price range of homes I have sold is between $100K and $1+ million with the average being about $325k.


What is the most important thing that you communicate to your clients when building or buying a new home?


One of the more important aspects of the client-realtor relationship is communication. It’s important for my clients to know that I need incredibly open channels of communication. I am the expert, but sometimes I have to work to extract information. Be honest and trust in my knowledge and areas of expertise.


How many clients are you currently representing?


I represent six clients currently and I average about two contracts a month. I work as an individual, not as a team, so that limits the workload, but I enjoy the work. I am usually more selective with my clients to ensure that the client personalities align with my own.


What are some of the most frequently asked questions that you have encountered?


When non-native Texans are searching for a home, a frequently asked question is if they will run out of water in the area – believe it or not. It is apparently something they hear on the news fairly often, but I let them know that we do occasionally go through water restrictions, and it is important to conserve water during the summer, but they will most definitely not run out of water.

Another question is, “Who pays for your commission?” Something that is often misunderstood is that the seller pays your realtor’s commission, so the buyer doesn’t pay anything. As the buyer of a new home, it therefore doesn’t make a lot of sense to go into such a complex transaction without an agent.


What distinguishes you from other real estate agents?


I do all of the work myself, so you can ensure that no detail will fall through the cracks. There is a certain trust that my clients have with me because of my honesty and open communication. If a client is looking for something I can’t provide, then I will let them know up front. I run my business based on that trust and provide the best service possible. I want them to have such a positive experience that they can’t help but tell their family and friends about my services.

Joe currently specializes in luxury home sales, new construction and first-time buyers. If you are looking for experience, diligence, commitment and superior local knowledge, then Joe Canales fits the bill. His approach is simple and straightforward and is focused on being 100 percent dependable, before, during and after your real estate transaction.

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The Latest from the Powells

Kristal and Chuck Powell are the powerhouse pair behind CKC Custom Homes. This husband and wife team has created an award-winning custom homebuilder that serves the thriving San Antonio area. Kristal and Chuck’s dedication and knowledge of extensive construction and design elements make the homebuilding experience deeply satisfying.

When working with their clients, the Powells form a foundation rooted in their personal relationship with the homeowner. They have a genuine understanding of their client’s needs and work to achieve any ambitious project or detail their client has in mind.

Once a month, the Powells update their clients and followers on the family’s latest endeavors so you can get to know them a bit better.



I feel like I’m saying every month how crazy busy it is, but wow has April been busy! Still, we wouldn’t change anything; our crazy hectic life is perfect.

CKC-Custom-Homes-Powell-childrenLondon finished basketball last month and has moved on to her newest endeavor…volleyball. She is already catching on so well and enjoying every moment of it. Chuck had the masters this month, so Tres and Berkley wanted to be just like daddy! We went and got them their first set of golf clubs, and I can’t wait to see where this takes them!

From our family to yours,

The Powells



In the Powells’ mission to create a custom homebuilding experience that specializes in luxurious interiors, Kristal Powell recently founded a custom interior design service. CKC Provisions and Design specializes in affordable luxury interiors and meets all home and budget needs – whether it’s one room at a time or a full home transformation.

To learn more and contact us for more information, visit CKC Previsions and Design

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4 Custom Home Considerations Before Breaking Ground

What is it about the custom home building experience that seems to attract a certain kind of person? Is it the freedom to construct your living space exactly as you dream it? Is it the process of working with designers, architects, and contractors? Is it the feeling of pride and ownership and the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for friends and family to enjoy? It’s probably a little of everything. Whatever the attraction, the allure of buying land and building on it is an itch that won’t ever go away until given into. Many prospective custom home owners have a general idea about how they want their new home to look. However, many are unaware of a few factors that must be carefully considered before partnering with a custom home builder. Whoever you select to help bring your vision to life, they need to meet these four custom home building needs.

You need Experience

CKC_Custom_Homes_Meet_Your_Team_CustomHomeBuildersSure, you could save a few dollars by going with lesser established contractors and home builders, but you’d be taking a risk of course. Alone, you’re left to negotiate industry standard rates, contracts, and project specifics. Most home owners don’t have the experience, knowledge, or necessary time to devote to such an endeavor. By going with a well-established home builder you’re in a more secure place and are able to validate their expertise and track record with past clients.

You need Variety

varietyYou came to a custom home builder because you want a custom home. A true home builder will have the capabilities to take your ideas and vision and bring them to reality. They have their own team of designers, architects, engineers, etc. If you run into a home builder that tries to get you to pick between just a few premade layouts – walk away. Custom home building is about creating your own personal masterpiece, one that no one else will ever have.

You need Influence

Award-winning custom home in San Antonio. View from the outside.A well established, reputable home builder will have made valuable connections in contracting and labor. As such, they should be able to give you the best price, because they in turn are receiving the best price from their network of contacts. These contractors should also be trusted to do stellar work, because the home builder would not be using them if they felt they were a liability. Their influence is paramount to the success of your custom home.

You need Security

custom home builder san antonio Anaqua Springs 5Once the contracts have been signed, the build has been completed, and you’re finally handed the keys to your new life, the home builder’s job shouldn’t end there. Reputable custom home builders will offer extended warranties for a certain duration of the life of the home. This is done to cover their work and to save their name should something go amiss after construction. These warranties will go a long way in making sure your home stays in top shape years in to the future.


Interested in finding out more about our custom home building process? Contact CKC Custom Homes today to speak to one of our representatives.

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4 Reasons a Custom Home Makes Perfect Sense

So you’re in the market for a new home? No doubt you’ve spent countless hours on Zillow clicking through pictures and keeping an eye on reduced prices. Maybe you’ve watched YouTube video after YouTube video, getting ideas as to just what’s out there and jotting down remodeling ideas. You’ve visited several homes in various locations around town, in old neighborhoods and some newer track homes. All have their positive qualities and quirks, but for some reason you don’t find yourself wanting to pull the trigger. They all lack something you’re looking for, something entirely personal. For some reason you can’t get over the fact that these home all have their own histories and have seen many tenants throughout the years.


A custom home gives you a sense of complete ownership and identity. Planning from inspiration and design, to construction and move-in is a personal, unique, and emotional experience. While the most valuable feeling you can get from building your own custom home is a sense of personal ownership, there are several very practical reasons why investing in a custom home is the answer for you.


1. Don’t Pay Extra for Space You Don’t Use.

shutterstock_345967097Buying a home is an investment. A life-long one. If you’re not totally in love with the space or not sure if you’ll have the means to carry out any remodeling within a reasonable amount of time after purchase, why would you settle?

A custom home means that you’ll get the most out of the space you build. There will be nothing extra and there won’t be too little room. This is great when it comes to your property taxes in that you know you’re getting the most for your money!


2. A House that Fits Your Lifestyle.

interior design san antonio New Braunfels 6Are you a serious lawn-care enthusiast? A die-hard plant-lover? A mountain-bike racer or woodshop and craftsman enthusiast? Do you ride motorcycles or collect vintage cars? Well then you could benefit greatly from your own custom home.

Whether you love the outdoors, having guests over, movies, cooking, or just having extra space to reinvent yourself as the years progress, a custom home is designed with you in mind and built so that you can live your life to the fullest.


3. A Modern Home for Modern Times.

Dominion Modern Custom Home BoerneMuch of the home-buying process involves wading through all of the hidden disasters and lemons out there on the market. It seems that everyone is always trying to get the most dollar for the least amount of house.

With a custom home you won’t have to worry about replacing roofs, tearing up old flooring, finding “surprises” in the walls, or releveling a foundation. Your home will be built to modern specifications, ensuring it is economically optimal and ecologically safe – so that you’ll save on hassle, repair, and your home-utility bills.


4. A Legacy worth Passing On.

Modern Home ExteriorPerhaps one of the most attractive reasons for deciding to build a custom home is the opportunity to leave a legacy worth passing on. More often than not, track built homes that are left as inheritance are sold or auctioned off.

A custom built home means so much more to those who’ve grown up in it and carries with it a value that cannot be measured by dollars. A custom home means it will probably stay in the family and that your legacy will live on.


Discover More Reasons Why A Custom Home is Right for You

Want to find out more reasons why a custom home could be your best option? We would love to talk to you. Contact us at CKC custom homes today to discover what we’ve done for others and what we can do for you.

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The contents of this blog reflect the opinions of CKC Custom Homes and are for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as professional advice.