Custom Homes in San Antonio: To Build or Buy?

If you’ve followed our blog at CKC Custom Homes over the past couple of months, we’ve shared information about the benefits of relocating to South Texas. San Antonio and the surrounding area are experiencing rapid growth and recognition from around the country. Job opportunities, a robust economy, and affordable housing are working to attract people from all around. However, when you’re in the position of being able to choose between building a custom home or purchasing existing property, how do you go about making that decision? Which is better, to build or to buy?

Advantages to Buying

Briggs Ranch Custom Home San AntonioBuying an existing tract home immediately has one significant advantage – cost. An existing home will be easier on the wallet, naturally because there are no construction costs to incur. They are also usually built as part of a larger community design, meaning that often you’ll have playgrounds, greenspaces, pools, and clubhouses to take advantage of. Additionally, if you’re looking to move in quickly, buying an existing home will get you in the door much faster than waiting for a custom build to finish.

Advantages to Building

shutterstock_52064890The biggest advantage to building a new custom home is that you have complete control over individual specifications. They can be made to the exact specificities that the buyer desires and even changed throughout the construction process. When it comes to buying a new tract home, you are usually limited to only a few styles that have small differing variations. While a tract home may be cheaper in the short term, you’ll be sacrificing the creative control that comes with choosing to build a custom home.

Another huge incentive to building a custom home that many people overlook is that it often incorporates the latest in construction materials and technology. This means that your new home will be up to date with the latest in energy efficiency and may even be eligible for tax incentives.

Explore Custom Home Building with CKC

award winning custom home builder Terra Mont Elegance 4Whether you buy or build we hope you end up in the home of your dreams! If you’re interested in finding out more about how smooth the custom home construction process can be – contact us at CKC Custom Homes today.

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