Custom Home Styles and Descriptions

Choosing a custom home style relies heavily on aesthetic preference. What decade or era in history is of interest to you? What art or entertainment do you enjoy? What are your hobbies or interests? Answers to these questions can be reflected in the architecture and design of your home.

Here at CKC Custom Homes, anything is possible. Our expertise is crafted by your tastes and the vision you have for your next home. To get your inspirational gears turning, let’s take a look at some common homebuilding styles that we have created in the past to begin envisioning your future.



A distinctively characteristic low-pitched red tile roof usually identifies a Mediterranean home. This style of homebuilding is most often found in states with warm climates and Spanish histories. Inspired by countries north of the Mediterranean Sea – like Spain, France and Italy – Mediterranean homes feature exquisite stucco finishes, arched windows and entryways, wrought iron detailing and ornamental flourishes. Mosaic tile designs are often seen accenting the home floor, kitchen backsplash, mirror frames or tabletops. Heavy wooden doors with ornate carvings are also a popular Mediterranean element.

In our Fair Oaks Mediterranean home, CKC Custom Homes incorporated a focus on natural light to keep the every area of the residence feeling airy and fresh. Arched doorways, large windows and light paint colors create a crisp and open Mediterranean feel. Bronze fixtures, dark wood beams and natural stone add warmth – the mix of dark and light materials results in a beautiful contrast of color and texture.





Modern architecture combines minimalist design with open floor plans, natural materials, clean lines, white walls and industrial detailing to create an early-20th century inspired aesthetic. The chic look is an intentional break from the traditional styles that preceded the Industrial Revolution. There is a noticeable absence of ornament in addition to neutral tones with materials ranging from cedar to stone, steel and concrete.

In our Stone Oak modern home, CKC Custom Homes concentrated on clean lines and high-end finishings. A light, neutral color palette sets off the natural stonework and touches of warm wood throughout the home. Large windows and doorways seamlessly meld the interior space and exterior spaces and allow plenty of light into each room while tray ceilings add height and a sense of space. Stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures throughout the home add a modern-inspired touch.





Most prevalent in American homes, the traditional style of architecture focuses on a functionalist perspective with a classic, simplistic design and can include various styles, including Colonial, Georgian, Cape Cod, salt box and ranch. Traditional homebuilding combines practicality, accessibility and flexibility to comfortably accommodate family life. Some visible details may include simple a roof structure, symmetrically spaced windows and building materials that include wood or brick. Special consideration is often given to incorporating porches and family rooms.

In our Olmos Park traditional home, CKC Custom Homes used dark carved wood with pops of color to add interest and a custom touch to the structure. In the kitchen, darkly stained, uniquely detailed carved wood cabinets contribute to the traditional feel while the unexpected colorful tile backsplash keeps the space interesting. Non-traditional tile choices elsewhere in the home keep the space dynamic and exciting. Beautiful dark wood beams add interest to the ceilings, while large windows let in plenty of light through the rest of the home. The custom-constructed family room incorporates a home theatre, a dramatically domed ceiling and plenty of room for mounted hunted displays. The outdoor pool and cabana space is inviting and luxurious – perfect for entertaining.




Let CKC Custom Homes create the custom home of your dreams no matter what style you have in mind. Let’s get building.

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