5 Features that Increase Home Value

Whether you live in an pre-built home or if you’re in the market for building your own custom home, you should always be thinking in terms of increasing the value of your investment. Ideally, most people are able to walk away with some profit when they sell their home; however, most individuals aren’t actively working to maximize their profits over time.

One of the fastest ways you can make sure you walk away with a sizeable return on your custom is to make sure you’re including assets that prospective buyers will find irresistible. Here are a few features that increase home value over the short and long term.


Spare no expense on the kitchen.

A well-designed, constructed kitchen becomes the center of all things in a household. From meal prep, to homework, to entertaining guests, kitchens can make or break a home. Make sure you design your kitchen right from the start.

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The toilet really is a throne.

Don’t skimp on the bathrooms when it comes to space. High ceilings work well to create volume, but make sure there is enough room to actually walk around in. After all, a bathroom is an intimate place and you want your family and guests to feel comfortable.


Quality craftsmanship is key.

Nothing speaks to people quite as much as the “little things”. A well-designed custom home has the hallmarks of quality craftsmanship laced throughout its design. It can be small things like all wooden banisters, heavy hardwood doors, or stone-polished wash basins. The little things can help you reap big rewards later on.


Natural lighting goes a long way.

Here is how you can increase your home value from the outset and also save yourself some money in the short term: windows, windows, windows. There aren’t many better way to beautify a space than with natural lighting. Natural light softens hard edges, brings a natural glow to a room, and makes the area feel fresh. On top of it all, you can kiss higher lighting bills goodbye.


Let nature sell for you.

Why do all the work? Let nature work for you. The first impression people have of your custom home is from the outside. For this reason you need to invest in landscaping. This is an investment that literally grows for you. Spending a little now and waiting, means those trees, flowers, and shrubs will do the selling for you when the time comes.

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Let CKC help maximize your investment.

At CKC Custom Homes we believe your custom home should be a place you’d be happy to live in forever. However, we know sometimes life takes us to other places. Make sure you get the most money for your home by increasing its value from its initial design conception. Visit our gallery to view more of our work.

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