How to Get in Good with Your New Neighbors

Community is built through the interaction, respect and support of your fellow neighborhood homeowners. If you are looking to construct a new residency in the near future, be sure you are prepared to build both the ideal home as well as strong relationships with those individuals within the community.

Here are a few suggestions when it comes to breaking the ice and building bonds with your new neighbors.


Break the Ice

It can be hard make the first move with a new neighbor. Muster up the courage and introduce yourself in person. Bring along a hello gift if you can. A welcoming present is never a bad idea – homemade cookies or a pie are always appreciated. Ask questions about the area as well as any helpful tips they may have like when the trash man stops by, delicious nearby restaurants, etc.


Throw a Housewarming

Social gatherings are fantastic ways to get acquainted with all of your neighbors at the same time. After you have gotten settled, invite a handful of your nearby residents over for dinner and drinks or hors d’oeuvre and coffee. They will appreciate the gesture and it will leave a lasting impression that will benefit you in the years to come. Establish a warm rapport early on to foster a lasting symbiotic relationship.


Be Courteous

After you have had sometime to warm up to each other, you will know what your neighbors do for a living, what they schedules are like and their pet peeves. Similarly, they will understand your schedule and preferences. This mutual respect will foster courteous behaviors for both parties. If your son or daughter plays a musical instrument or you have semi-frequent large gatherings at your home, disclose that information up front and tailor your actions accordingly.


Cooperative Efforts

Organizing a town watch, setting up a new recycling program, starting a carpool or planning a community pool party requires collaboration. Band together to implement changes and start new community initiatives. This unifying idea can also benefit you in the future. Whether you need a pet sitter, a babysitter or simply to borrow some sugar, you already have good relationships to ask for assistance when the need arises.

Developing neighborly relationships now could save you headaches in the long run and make your home life far more pleasant.


If you are looking to build the custom home of your dreams in the perfect location, contact us today. We will take care of the entire process from designing to planning, construction and final touches. Let’s get building.

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