Six Sizzling Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for your Custom Home

The Fourth of July has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean your days of basking outside in the evening sun have to end. One of the biggest trends happening with custom homes around the Hill Country is the construction of luxurious outdoor kitchens. These spaces to relax, dine, and celebrate add tremendous value to a home and give owners an option to stay in the comfort of their residence rather than going out to restaurant or bar patios. Interested in building your own personal retreat in your backyard? Here are six sizzling outdoor kitchen ideas for your custom home.


Built-in Appliances

Your days of carting the grill out from the garage are over, and no longer will your grill stand awkwardly on its skinny aluminum legs. Modern outdoor kitchens take everything you’d normally find in an indoor kitchen and toughen them up to withstand the seasonal elements. You’ll never have to go inside for anything with grills, refrigerators, pantries, sinks, and even full bar equipment at your disposal.

Entertainment Hub

Stone Oak Modern luxury custom homes 77

Why spend money going to the big game to be surrounded by overpriced, sub-par food? Why should you be forced to watch the game indoors when you could be enjoying the suspense in the cool of a summer evening? Designing your entertainment center around your outdoor kitchen means that friends and family will prefer to come over rather than go anywhere else.


Anaqua Springs Mediterranean Custom Home
Don’t forget the shade – this is Texas after all! Pergolas, covered awnings, lattices, and pavilions are all great ways to break up and diffuse the harsh sunlight. They offer a wonderful opportunity for select flowering vines to crawl up and cover the top, so when spring rolls around you’ll have a literal hanging garden. Additionally, with built in lighting, you’ll never be left out in the dark when the sun goes down.

Furniture Lounge Set

Terra Mont Elegance Custom Home San AntonioToss out all those rickety, plastic poolside chairs and tables. When you’re designing an outdoor kitchen you should always be designing for comfort. Having an all-weather outdoor Lounge set is the way to go! It will look like an extension of the interior of your home rather than a place simply set apart for special occasions.

Wood-burning Fireplace

Anaqua Springs Mediterranean Custom HomeWhether it be summer or winter Texans all agree that a fire is good anytime, anywhere. By designing a wood-burning fireplace as an integral part of your outdoor kitchen you’ll actually be making a great investment, because you’ll be able to be outdoors whether it’s hot or cold. Let the charm settle in and the memories begin!

Recessed LED Lighting

shutterstock_39303313-1Nothing kills the ambiance of a get-together than harsh lighting at night. Avoid this and set the right mood by integrating recessed lighting underneath your kitchen counters and around your appliances. This is where practical function and design meet perfectly!


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