3 Reasons to Build a New Home Over a Resale

Thanks to the ongoing mortgage crisis, more and more cheap, distressed, and foreclosed properties are entering the market. And while the price tag might be right, there are several drawbacks to buying resale properties—and just as many advantages to choosing a new custom home.

Why is it better to build new? Here are just a few of the benefits of investing in a brand-new home, rather than buying an existing house.

Enjoy better efficiency

KitchenBuilding codes have changed a lot over the past few decades. Most of the changes are aimed at improving energy efficiency, which is not only good for the environment, but great for your budget.

New homes are required to have better insulation, including tighter doors and windows, which prevent conditioned air from escaping—heat in the winter, and cold air in the summer—and help maintain ideal temperatures. This creates a regulated interior where your heating or air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard, so you save money on utilities.

With a new home, you can also have energy-efficient appliances installed from the start, which is typically less expensive than upgrading and remodeling.

Save on repairs and maintenance

home office photo by homebunchResale homes have already experienced years of wear and tear. In nearly every case, a home that’s already been lived in will need some form of repair—a new paint job, new carpets, or even more expensive projects, like new plumbing or flooring. This doesn’t happen with new home constructions.

Maintenance for new homes will also be less expensive in the long run. New homes are designed with minimal maintenance in mind, so you can go years or even decades without needing any major work done.

Made just for you

Anaqua Springs Blend award winning san antonio custom homes 2Shopping for a home can be frustrating. You know your wants and needs in terms of living space, but it’s often impossible to find a house that’s an exact match. You might find a great house that’s in the wrong location, or several homes in the right area that don’t have enough bedrooms or simply aren’t to your tastes.

When choosing a new custom house, you’ll be able to design the home of your dreams—from number of rooms, to layout, to style and features, and much more. You’ll have exactly what you want, in the right location. With a custom home, you’ll never have to shop for a house again!

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