The Latest From The Powells: Sept 2016

When Chuck and I started CKC, we sought out to not only use our dedication and knowledge of home construction and design to create award-winning homes for our clients, but to also establish deep relationships with each and every family we build for. We understand the decision to build a custom home is never an easy one and settling on the perfect builder takes time. That’s why we like to invite our clients in as a part of the family as we work together on such a momentous milestone for them. We also like to share with all who are involved with CKC a little glimpse into our lives. Check out what’s been happening in the Powell household below!

A Message From the Powells

Oh my, fall is here, and we are so excited for all things kicking off with the change of seasons! London started 4th grade this year. Berkley started 1st grade. Tres just started pre-k. All the kids are already loving their teachers, and we are blessed to have been placed with these awesome teachers that give their time and dedication to the kids. We’re looking forward to where this year takes them and to see how they continue to learn and grow throughout the year! We’re not all work and no play though! We have so many memorable family traditions, but one of my favorites is bird hunting with the kids. The whole family looks forward to weekends away, gearing up for hunting season and it offers great bonding time for the entire Powell household to get together. Berkley Powell ChearleadingBerkley has started cheerleading and is already falling in love with it. The spirit she shows in her cheering is absolutely adorable and heartwarming!  

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London is starting gymnastics and is having a blast as well. She’s getting better and better each week. Keep an eye out for her in the 2020 Olympics. 😉

We are all about family and traditions here at CKC, and we love to not only share about ours, but to learn about our clients’ families. We’d love to meet with you anytime to not just discuss your future forever home, but to get to know each other a bit closer also!

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