Top Places to Build Your Custom Home in San Antonio

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Are you considering a move to one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Texas? San Antonio is quickly becoming a hot destination for people from all over the country looking to escape the cold or to integrate into the growing, vibrant economy. Here are some of the best neighborhoods and areas to consider building your custom home in the colorful city of San Antonio.


1. Alamo Heights

AlamoHeightsTXMobilGasStation207SReveley2Alamo Heights is one of the older neighborhoods in San Antonio. An interesting fact is that although it is smack in the center of town, it is actually its own city. Known for its more upscale, yet historical vibe, Alamo Heights boasts restaurants, museums, boutiques, and bars all within a short bicycle ride away.


2. King William

king-william-historicLocated south of downtown San Antonio, the King William area has seen a continual transformation over the last decade. Older homes are getting modern updates and younger families are moving in. Many homes are being remodeled in the interior, but are still keeping their historical exteriors. In the heart of downtown there is so much to see and do. From coffee shops, bars, bakeries, and the Riverwalk, there is still no place like this neighborhood in San Antonio.


3. Stone Oak

Stone Oak Modern Custom Home 73By far the fastest growing part of San Antonio is the Stone Oak area. Many new residents are picking this neighborhood to its brand new amenities, close proximity to the Hill Country, and the attractive, upscale public schools. Many builders choose custom homes in this area with large floor plans.


4. Helotes

RioCordelleria-122Right on the fringe of Northwest San Antonio lies the city of Helotes. In contrast to the up-and-coming, fiesta and lights culture close to downtown, the city of Helotes rides more slowly to the rhythm of an old country song. Here you can see horses being ridden on the sides of the road, and houses on multiple acres – with more land available for building custom homes.


5. Olmos Park

award winning custom homes olmos parkAn early twentieth-century subdivision located just North of downtown San Antonio, Olmos Park is a burgeoning neighborhood/city with its own look and feel. Comprised of only a few hundred houses, Olmos Park is small, but offers a lot with boutiques, small stores, taco shops, bakeries, and parks dotted throughout.


6. Southtown


Experiencing the most transformative change in the last 5 years has been Southtown, the area following the San Antonio River and leading out of the city down the brand new Mission Reach Trail. Upscale dining options, music venues, and renovated housing along with new bicycle paths are turning this colorful neighborhood into a more accessible destination for young and old alike.


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