Why Building a New Home is Better than Fixing Up an Older Home

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Have you reached the stage in life where you’re ready to celebrate your career success with your family? Have you reached a point financially where you’re ready to make a home purchasing decision that’ll last the rest of your life? Are you ready to move into your “forever home”?

If you thought to yourself “yes” after reading each question above, you’re probably ready for a move. Once you’ve come to that realization, the next most crucial question is whether to buy pre-owned or build custom.

The decision to build new is a popular one. According to Forbes, 2 in 5 Americans – nearly 41% of the country –  opt to build custom over moving into an existing home, with price being equal. As custom home builders ourselves, the reasons for building new is easily apparent to us – but to help you with your decision, we’ve highlighted the top 5 reasons you should build new over fixing or moving into an existing home.

Custom homes allow you to design for your exact needs

Establishing ideal functionality in your home should be your top priority. Chances are, you’re unlikely to find an older home that’ll fit your exact needs. By working on your home plans beforehand, you can establish things like the amount of counter space in the kitchen and how many guest bedrooms you’ll need.

Brand new warranty

Ever think of the cost of replacing a roof? What about a new water heater? Many previously owned homes have outdated appliances and products with expiring warranties. When building new, your home – and the products within – are brand new and thus under new warranties, so if something does go wrong you’re covered.

Long-term energy savings

 Moving into a new home guarantees the latest appliance technology. With the entire appliance industry shifting to ensure its products are more energy efficient, your new custom home will be much more cost effective compared to a pre-built home. From double or triple-paned windows to state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems, your entire house will be set to save you major dollars in the long run.

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Trustworthy and safe installations 

While purchasing an older home will require multiple safety inspections, it’s comforting to know you’ll have direct supervision over the build of your new home. With new technology, in addition to increased safety of circuit breakers, garage doors, furnaces, and many other common home features, your family can breathe easy knowing they’ll be safe in their new home.

The work is done for you

 No need to lift a finger to paint, demolish or install anything in a custom built home: It’s your cabinet style, your preferred appliances, and your flooring. They’re all set based on your preferences up front, meaning no need to worry about making new renovations. Just get that moving company booked and the family excited and you’re on your way to your new forever home!

The pros always outweigh the cons when deciding whether to build custom or buy old. Hopefully, you have a bit more insight after looking through our list and you’re set along the right path in choosing what custom home features to focus on. If you’re sold on our list and ready to move forward with your build, give us a call anytime at 210-408-7613 or click below to reach out!






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