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CKC Provisions and Designs: Leading in Luxury Interior Design

By May 20, 2016March 8th, 2024No Comments

As the cofounder of CKC Custom Homes alongside my wonderful husband, I have a passion for assisting our clients in every aspect of the design process for their brand new, luxury custom home – from architecture to construction to my forte, interior design. Beauty and elegance are my focus as I personally assist clients in the selection of paint, tile, fabrics, cabinets and all aspects of interior design. This hands-on approach provides me with the opportunity to perfect the unique style of CKC Custom Homes while also incorporating the client’s preferred aesthetic.

CKC Provisions and Designs is our latest initiative that caters to our clients’ needs, specializing in affordable luxury interiors while also meeting all price points. Whether it’s one room at a time or a full home transformation, CKC Provisions and Designs offers custom drapery, furniture and curated pieces to elevate your home.


This week we are having fun playing with colors, patterns and textures! We have been working hard and having fun in the process while putting together distinctive furniture pieces for a new client. This client is all about what is trending right now – pinks, teals and bright oranges. Don’t believe pinks are hot right now? Just look at our interior designer, Blane’s hair. She loves pink so much that she dyed her hair pastel pink!


Which pattern do you like best? Kristal’s or Blane’s?blane-pink-hair-ckc-custom-homes-with-kristal


Which pattern do you like best? Kristal’s or Blane’s?

Kristal’s (larger zig-zag pattern on the right)
Blane’s (intricate zig-zag pattern on the left)



Blane and I love the interior design look we are creating for our client. With all of these customizable options, we are creating something truly unique and inspired.


Till next time,

Kristal Powell

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