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Fitastic Meal Prep Event with Sarah Lucero

By June 4, 2018March 6th, 2024No Comments

Sarah recently hosted one of her fitness events at our office to help guest learn easy meal prep ideas. Sarah showed us how she has been able to do it as a working mom, while preparing for a fitness competition. We got to learn all of her secrets to eating right all week with just a little bit of planning and food prep. It was such an amazing and informative class! Meal prepping can be kind of hard and a daunting task, but she really does make it easy!

Here Are Some Photos From the Event:







You can check out the full album of photos from the event at our Facebook page here


Here is more about Sarah Lucero Fitness from her website:

Sarah Lucero Fitness was born out of my desire to empower women through fitness. I have always incorporated fitness into my life but when I dialed into the nutrition component of health and wellness, it took me to a different level of fitness and energy I didn’t know existed. Through Sarah Lucero Fitness I am excited and committed to bring that knowledge to you. I can help you make those changes over time that will transform the way you live and think about food and what you feed your family. An hour of exercise in a day has given me boundless amounts of energy to maintain a demanding career and family schedule. We can help you whether you are currently not very active or engage in rigorous exercise every day. Sarah Lucero Fitness wants to do that for you through our nutrition programs, fitness programs, Fitastic Foods for Life parties, and health & wellness workshops. Be a part of the health and wellness movement that changed my world and transformed me into the working mom who can do it all with the energy, motivation and drive to be the best woman, mother and provider you can be. That’s Sarah Lucero Fitness.

You can check out her website here and see how she can help you with meal prepping and fitness!