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Quarantine Fun For You and Your Family

By April 17, 2020March 6th, 2024No Comments
Although it may seem like COVID-19 is ruining all of your plans, there is still an abundance of fun things that you can do at home. Whether it be by yourself or with your family, it’s important to keep yourself busy during this time of uncertainty. Also during this time keep in mind we are able to spend more time with our kids and really connect with them. Try to also have a schedule every day so you can create a routine, it will make going back to school a bit easier.
Here are 10 things you can do while the COVID Quarantine Restrictions are still into place.
Take a Walk Outside
Taking a walk outside can be a great way to get outdoors during the stay-at-home order. You can do this by yourself for some alone time, or with the family as a fun way to get some exercise! Just make sure when you do go outside, always continue to practice Social Distancing with anyone who does not live inside your home. When you come back home, the first thing you should do is wash your hands.
Read a Book
Reading can be a great way to clear your mind. Whether you prefer motivational books or Fictional Mystical creatures, there is always something for everybody! Not to mention, you can now purchase books from your iPhone or tablet and read electronically (no contact, no worries). We recommend creating a quiet space for yourself to read and get lost in the pages. Some great places to read can be a home office, in your backyard patio, or even under the sheets of your bed (with your favorite pillow, of course). Don’t forget to encourage your children to read, as well. Reading helps stimulate their minds and gets them away from the tv and video games!
Play Board Games
Board games are such an oldie, but goodie! It’s not typical that people have an abundance of board games anymore, but if you do, now is your time to shine! Board games are a great way to get your kids off the video games. They can be competitive, challenging and lots of fun for some quality family time while indoors!
A lot of fitness companies are offering free fitness classes online, during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage you to do some research and find a program that’s best for you. Not to mention, you probably already have everything you might need at home.
Working out can also be a good activity to get your whole family involved. Turn up some music and start sweating!
Complete a Puzzle
Puzzles can be relaxing, soothing, and challenging all at the same time. You can easily complete a 1,000-piece landscape puzzle by yourself, while simultaneously helping your kids complete a 100-piece Paw Patrol puzzle. They can be fun for everyone!
Have Fun on TikTok
Tik Tok is the latest social media craze! You can download the app on your smartphone from Google Play or Apple App Store. Once you download the app, you can literally scroll through the videos for HOURS… you have been warned! You can also create an account and start creating videos yourself. The app has tons of pre-recorded audio for you to choose from. You can create dancing videos of your favorite song, or even use a funny pre-recorded message and act it out. The options with Tik Tok and virtually endless!
Try New Recipes From a Cook Book
Now is a better time than ever to experiment with new recipes. You have all the time in the world to make mistakes, and if you mess something up, you probably have time to cook something else instead! Even if you don’t have a cookbook on hand, Pinterest and Food Network online are great resources for new recipe ideas. The Food Network website also offers videos, where you can be guided through the recipe by your favorite Food Network chef! Allow your kids to help by asking them to measure the ingredients and sampling the finished product!
Ride a Bike
Riding a bike is super fun and easy! This can be an awesome activity to get your kids (and yourself) out of the house, while simultaneously getting some exercise. Instead of taking a walk around the neighborhood, why not ride a bike!
Binge Watch a Movie Series
Although we tried not to include anything TV-related for this Quarantine list, we felt like we had to include this one because it’s basically a stay-at-home necessity. Watching a movie series helps you spend quality time with your family and also helps cure any potential boredom blues. An entire movie series can be a daily activity that lasts over a week (depending on the series). Some of our favorites include the Marvel series, the Harry Potter series, the Star Wars series and the Pirates of the Caribbean series (just to name a few).
Do Some Spring cleaning
This may be the least fun out of all of the activities we’ve listed, but who doesn’t love an organized house? We encourage you to clean out your pantry, refrigerator, closets, etc. during this time and if there is anything that you no longer need, consider donating it! During this pandemic, the need for clothing and non-perishable food items are at an all- time high. By doing some Spring cleaning, you can also make a difference. As that old saying goes, “one man’s loss is another man’s treasure.”