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Sal Barbaro for Rey Feo 2019 – A Shot for Education

By October 1, 2018March 6th, 2024No Comments
39021254_10216747708589938_1944104894856167424_oWe are so blessed to be able to give back to the community, and one thing that we feel strongly about is education for all kids. One of our dear friends Dr. Sal Barbaro is running for 2019 Rey Feo.   For this family event we were able to take all the kids to something they love which is a skeet shooting.  Some of our friends were able to attend as well.  Mark Doggett and his son drove from Austin to hang with us and be on our team. There are some fun shots of a gorilla scaring me right out of my seat. You can also see Berkley had a blast scoring the event.  This was a wonderful event.
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Give A Shot For Education 8 If you don’t know what Rey Feo is about here is a little information.

The Rey Feo Consejo Educational Foundation was founded by Rey Feo XXXII Logan Stewart in 1982. It was through Logan Stewart’s efforts that the Rey Feo was formally invited to be a part of Fiesta in 1980. Today, many of our members aspire to be nominated as a candidate for Rey Feo.

The Rey Feo is a year-round LULAC Rey Feo Scholarship Foundation ambassador and Fiesta royalty who achieves the reign by raising at least $225,000 for scholarships in a friendly competition against another candidate. Every year these funds are distributed through renewable awards by LULAC Council #2 Rey Feo Scholarship Foundation to approximately 150 high school seniors and college students in the form of a $2000 annual scholarship for books and tuition. To learn more about the LULAC Rey Feo program and scholarship eligibility requirements please visit

The Rey Feo Consejo and its members underwrite and produce both the free, public crowning of the Rey Feo at Main Plaza and the Crown Celebration after-party to help kick-off Fiesta. In 2010, the City of San Antonio awarded the organization the contract to produce and manage a 10 day event at Market Square now known as Fiesta de los Reyes at Market Square. The second major fundraiser is the annual Noche de Los Reyes Gala held every November.

The Rey Feo Consejo Educational Foundation sponsors various fundraising events throughout the year and encourages it members to support the Rey Feo candidates campaigning for the reign. In addition to underwriting expenses for the crowning and crown celebration, the Rey Feo Consejo also underwrites program expenses associated with the elementary school visits by the Rey Feo to spread his important message about education.

Since 2011, the organization has contributed $290,000 to LULAC Council #2 and the Rey Feo Scholarship Foundation for additional scholarship funds.
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Give A Shot For Education
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