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Tablescaping on a Budget

By December 2, 2019March 6th, 2024No Comments

With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to give everyone some inexpensive, creative ideas for their tables. Even though Thanksgiving is over, this tablescape decor can also work for Christmas!

Here are all the details and pricing for our Thanksgiving Tablescape —


Table Runners

We thought it was a good idea to layer a solid color with a patterned one on top. This helps contrast the two fabrics and creates a nice background for the centerpiece. We got the first layer from Hobby Lobby fabrics. The second layer was purchased from Target as a table cloth. For this, we folded it to make a runner.

Hobby Lobby fabric: 3.5 yards of fabric $15-$20*

Target table cloth: $17.99 | Link:

*Price depends on table length.

Tip: Purchase fabrics longer than your table so they will create a nice overhang detail.


The Centerpiece

For the centerpiece, we created this mainly from nature. Start the first layer with a solid color – for ours we chose some nice evergreen pines. For the second layer, we added red and orange leaves to help contrast with the first layer. Pick colors that will compliment your table runner cloth. Additionally, scatter candles in mason jars throughout the centerpiece to help light up the colors in the surrounding leaves. We also placed each mason jar candle on top of pine wood discs to keep the earthly feel. To finish the look, we took pumpkins leftover from Halloween decorations and added them to the center.

Mason jar candles: $1.00 each | Link:

Pine wood discs: $5.99 | Link:

Floracraft: $4.99 per cube | Link:

Tip: Cut cubes of Floracraft Foam and place the wood coasters with the candles on top of them. This will create more dimension within your centerpiece.

Tip: Mix different kinds of pumpkins – both color and texture wise. For ours, we had the traditional orange pumpkin as well as a white one and a textured yellow and orange one. 


Place Setting

We wanted to use neutral tones for our table setting to compliment the concrete table, but not take away from the centerpiece. Layering plates is another good design tip for your holiday tablescape. For the first layer, we chose a decorative wood plate to contrast with the concrete table. Our second layer, we chose a stoneware plate to tie back in with the dining table. These layered plates create a nice balance. When deciding on silverware, we wanted to choose something that would stand out, and we went with a warm champagne gold color.

13” Wood plates: $9.99 | Link:

8.5” Stoneware plates: $4.99 | Link:

Stainless Steel Champagne Silverware Set: $34.99 (20pc) | Link:

Final Touches

Lastly, we added scented pine cones to the centerpiece. This added more of a nature feel and tied in nicely with the bottom layer of evergreen pines.

Concrete table can be found at

*Table is not included in the budget 

Decor design by Jackie Cook & Maddy Payne | Photos by Maddy Payne