Top 5 Myths About New and Custom Home Building

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Maybe your family is getting bigger, or you’re starting a new job in a new town, or you’re just ready to upgrade to a better home. Whatever the reason, you’re in the market for a house. You’d love to have a new custom home—but from what you’ve heard, you’ll probably have to settle for a resale.

The good news is that what you’ve heard is probably wrong. There are plenty of myths out there about home building that can stop people from even considering the possibility. Are your reasons on the list?

Myth #1: New homes are always more expensive than existing homes

Anaqua Springs Mediterranean Custom HomeThe relative costs of new versus existing homes depends on the circumstances. If you’re looking to build new in an expensive, downtown urban area where lots are limited, you’ll probably pay a premium price.

However, building a custom home on the outskirts of town, or in a newly developed area with readily available land, can cost the same or less than buying an existing home. You’ll often save even more money right from the start on repairs and upgrades, since most resale homes will need them—but new homes don’t.

Myth #2: It costs too much to demolish a house for a rebuild

The outside on Mont Elegance. Best home builders in San AntonioActually, completely tearing down an existing home is less expensive than remodeling by removing portions of the house. An entire house can be demolished in about two days with heavy machinery, resulting in lower labor costs than a remodel that takes weeks or months.

If you live in a desirable neighborhood and plan to stay in the area, demolishing the old house and building a new custom home can be less expensive than buying a different existing home in the area. The build costs less, because the lot is already prepared and has water, utilities, and sewage service in place.

Myth #3: All modern homes are prefabricated, and I can’t get the design I want

Modern Home ExteriorWhile most custom home builders offer a catalog of predesigned homes that you can choose from, there’s still plenty of room for customization. You can work with a home building company to modify designs, mix and match floor plans, or even create something completely different using your own blueprints.

Myth #4: Building a new home takes too long

award winning custom homes olmos park featuredThe process of building a custom home isn’t as long as most people think. On average, a new home can be completed from start to finish in 120 to 180 days, or five to seven months. You could be living in your dream home in just half a year.

Myth #5: Designing a custom home is a huge hassle

blane pink hair ckc custom homes with kristalYou don’t have to be an engineer or architect to design the perfect custom home for you and your family. Good custom home builders will have their own designers in place, ready to help you lay out a home that precisely matches your vision, and then build to suit. All you have to do is move in!

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