3 Home Builders Fall Maintenance Tips

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and welcome the cool fall season with open arms. During the hotter months you had to be concerned with making sure your plants didn’t wilt with the heat and that your house was properly insulated for energy savings.

The fall season is no different when it comes to routine maintenance required on your custom home. Making sure you check these fall maintenance tasks off your list will go a long way in preparing your home for the sometimes unfavorable winter months ahead.

Conduct a Walk-about

It’s time to go for a walk – a walk around your property that is. If you haven’t been outside around your home in a while, you may be surprised how many changes can happen in the course of a year. From fallen branches, worn out siding, cracks in stone, foundation shifts, and even animal intrusions, the number of things that are working to wear your home down are numerous.

A walk-about allows you to see parts of your home, inside and out, that you don’t normally get to see on day to day basis. By doing it now, you’ll be able to fix the problem before the weather becomes too cold to make outdoor work comfortable.

Check the Roof

roof-topOne place we seldom ever see unless something goes wrong is the roof of the house. Perhaps there is no more important component of a home than the roof – after all, it’s the thing protects us from the elements.

Winter weather can be wet and damp. Freezes can happen often, especially if you live in a custom home in the Hill Country. Water that freezes in a damaged roof can make cracks and holes bigger over time – letting more water in and eventually leading to rot. Make sure you check your roof before it’s too late.

Assess your Chimney and Furnace

chimneyFall is here and winter is coming. It’s going to be cold! You’ll rely on your chimney and furnace to keep you warm during the months ahead. However, don’t wait until the first cold front comes in to see if they are in working order.

Your chimney should be checked to see if it is clear of debris. It can be a potentially deadly hazard if the airway is blocked by soot as it is quite combustible.

Likewise, your furnace should be tuned to operate efficiently. Furnaces that have not been surfaced in some time have the potential to give off harmful carbon monoxide fumes.

Get Your CKC Guarantee

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