A Walk Through the CKC Selection Process with Kristal Powell

When you sign on with CKC Custom Homes to build your home, we start the process designing you a set of construction plans and picking out your selections. We have two interior designers on staff here at CKC, myself and assistant designer Blane Kelley. Together with the architect, we will go through the design process of creating a set of plans. This generally takes about 3 months. Once we are finished with the plans, we start the fun part…selections! This is what I love to call the “jewelry” of the home.

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We usually start off the first round of selection meetings at the CKC office where we have dedicated our downstairs office to a design showroom. Since we have the showroom onsite, it really helps save you a lot of time in the selection process. We are able to show you a range of items here for you to go ahead and pick out your tile, flooring, windows, mirrors, etc. Throughout this entire process you will have myself and Blane to guide you through the selections that pair best with the style you are envisioning as well as what is on trend now and what will stay a timeless piece in your home.

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Though the majority of selections are done onsite, there are a few items we do not have and will have to visit the vendors’ showrooms for. From here, we will set up these meetings with you and take you to each of their showrooms. With these visits, you not only have CKC’s help but also the valued opinions of our trustworthy vendors. We value your input throughout this process to make sure you get something you are going to love forever. Every vendor we work with is vetted and comes highly recommended, so rest assured you are getting the best of the best in your home!

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To me, the selection process is the best part of building a home, but I know for a lot of clients it can be pretty intimidating. We try really hard to make this process as easy and as fun as possible. We want to make sure we go through this as thoroughly as possible with you, so once you move in you are 100% happy.

If you have been thinking about building a new home, please take the next step and give me a call today at 210-408-7613.



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