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CKC Provisions & Design: Renovating Yummi Sushi

By December 3, 2019March 6th, 2024No Comments
CKC Provisions & Design recently took on a commercial renovation project for Yummi Sushi, a local San Antonio Japanese restaurant located off of Boerne Stage and Leon Springs. When concepting for this project we were inspired by Japanese culture, and Yummi Sushi now looks completely different from what it once was.
It has been over 10 years since the restaurant had any upgrades or decoration added. It’s original design was heavy- tan colored walls divided by a plum band across the entire width of the restaurant (see below). These colors made the restaurant feel dark while customers were dining. 
Before renovations: 
And so, we used the lighting pendants, located at the seating area, to inspire us to re-paint the walls a vibrant red – Sherwin Williams Poinsettia to be exact. This brightened the entire eating area and created a friendlier, more inviting atmosphere. Additionally, we painted over the plum and added Sherwin Williams, Caviar. This bold choice of black helped dim the red contrast while also adding a fresher and modern look (see below). 
After renovations: 
After the new walls were painted, we knew the restaurant was still missing something to tie to all together, and that something was dimension. To add dimension to areas surrounding the restaurant we installed a natural look by applying thin vertical rows of wood. The entire restaurant showcases all lower half of walls in this wood design as well as the Sushi Bar area (see below), which has been the most eye catching area to the customers. Next, oriental inspired lighting fixtures were added as well to illuminate more of the dining area where larger tables are seated (see below). These fixtures shine on the wall highlighting the wood as well. 
Yummi Sushi is a must-visit, not only to check our the newly renovated restaurant for the amazing Sushi too! 
To visit their website, click here.