Get to Know the Power Couple Behind CKC Custom Homes

CKC Founders Kristal and Chuck Powell

It’s said that “behind every successful man there is a great woman,” but for Charles (Chuck) Powell, founder of CKC Custom Homes, his great woman isn’t behind him; she is right beside him. Kristal Powell has worked alongside her husband as cofounder and interior designer of their successful custom home business since its inception in 2002. Kristal’s impeccable eye for design paired with Powell’s extensive background in construction and finance have enabled this powerhouse husband and wife team to rise to the top as leaders in the industry of custom home building.

To know that this thriving business was born simply because of a wife’s encouragement is to understand the reason behind Kristal and Chuck’s success. Powell confesses, “Kristal believed in me when no one else did.” He recalls, “I remember telling others about this idea of opening my own custom home-building company and the response I was usually met with was, ‘there’s too much risk,’ but Kristal had a different attitude; she saw it as ‘what do we have to lose?’” So with his wife’s blessing, Powell used their 50K in savings and cashed in his 401K to take a leap of faith starting his own business. Looking back, he agrees it was definitely a risk worth taking.

CKC Custom Homes has now evolved as a major competitor among custom homebuilders. The key to CKC successes, Chuck explained, is rooted in their partnership. Reflecting on the years, Powell admits he could not have done it without Kristal. A great team, both at work and at home, the Powell’s model a partnership that is admirable. “Our skills complement each other well,” Powell says. “Together, we have built CKC Custom Homes to what is today.”

– Excerpts taken from Michelle Torres’ article in the January-February 2012 Issue of Nside Magazine


A Message From The Powells


It has been a crazy and fun year so far at the Powell home. London is now 8 years old and playing basketball – she is absolutely loving it. Other than basketball, she loves taking care of her pets and says that she would like to be a veterinarian.

Berkley is now 5 years old and keeps us on our toes. She is playing basketball as well and having so much fun. She loves coming to work with us and says she would love to work at CKC.

Tres in now 2 years old and he loves spending time outdoors and doing all kinds of boy stuff, which is somewhat of a change for us, but we would not change it for one minute.

Our lives are crazy and fun with these 3 kids, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next.

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