Lifestyle Update From The CKC Team

Summer is in full swing, and the CKC Custom Homes team definitely enjoyed the Fourth of July three-day weekend. There is no time for slowing down at the office, though! We have had some exciting developments and celebrations within the past month – both professional and personal – that we want to share with you.


We are excited to welcome to the CKC family the Guerreros! We are building them a transitional modern house in Anaqua Springs Ranch. 

Guerreros - new CKC Custom Homes clients


This month we also celebrated my birthday. The team was treated to lunch at The Grill at Leon Springs and Chuck treated us all to pedicures. There is nothing the CKC ladies love more than fresh pedicures.

kristal birthday the grill leon springs



Chuck and I spent the Fourth of July weekend at our lake house. We went swimming, paddle boarding, boating and tubing with the kids. We taught the kids how to knee board and ski as well. The whole weekend was spent relaxing in nature and being around family. Chuck loved grilling out on the fourth and setting off fireworks with the kids. 

powell family at the lake



Brittany’s brother and sister-in-law paid her a visit over the weekend. Her brother is just a year older than she is, so they are definitely close. Brittany’s brother and his wife just got married last year, so she had plenty of fun doing couple activities with them all weekend. Brittany took them to McAllister Park and played Frisbee with her dogs Barley and Livvie, pictured below.kristal birthday the grill leon springs



Blane went up, up and away! She got the chance to ride in an airplane with her dad this weekend…how cool is that? The pair flew to Llano and had lunch together at her favorite BBQ spot, Copper’s BBQ. Blane loved it when her dad showed off his in-air tricks – they even went upside down.

blane riding in airplane with dad


At CKC Custom Homes, our team is constantly staying busy. Between building our award-wining custom homes, managing our new interior design services and keeping up with family and friends, we have a ton of things going on. We are thankful for it all and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check in for our monthly lifestyle updates where we keep you up to speed about the latest office happenings and staff adventures.

Till next time,
Chuck and Kristal Powell


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