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Kristal and Chuck Powell are the powerhouse pair behind CKC Custom Homes. This husband and wife team has created an award-winning custom homebuilder that serves the thriving San Antonio area. Kristal and Chuck’s dedication and knowledge of extensive construction and design elements make the homebuilding experience deeply satisfying.

When working with their clients, the Powells form a foundation rooted in their personal relationship with the homeowner. They have a genuine understanding of their client’s needs and work to achieve any ambitious project or detail their client has in mind.

Once a month, the Powells update their clients and followers on the family’s latest endeavors so you can get to know them a bit better.



I feel like I’m saying every month how crazy busy it is, but wow has April been busy! Still, we wouldn’t change anything; our crazy hectic life is perfect.

CKC-Custom-Homes-Powell-childrenLondon finished basketball last month and has moved on to her newest endeavor…volleyball. She is already catching on so well and enjoying every moment of it. Chuck had the masters this month, so Tres and Berkley wanted to be just like daddy! We went and got them their first set of golf clubs, and I can’t wait to see where this takes them!

From our family to yours,

The Powells



In the Powells’ mission to create a custom homebuilding experience that specializes in luxurious interiors, Kristal Powell recently founded a custom interior design service. CKC Provisions and Design specializes in affordable luxury interiors and meets all home and budget needs – whether it’s one room at a time or a full home transformation.

To learn more and contact us for more information, visit CKC Previsions and Design

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