Why traditional homes are more popular than ever

Close your eyes and picture your dream home. Inviting. Elegant. Warm. Classic. If that forever home you’re picturing fits a few of these words, you’re probably a fan of the traditional style.

Traditional home décor, year after year, emerges as the most popular style of home across America, particularly within Central Texas. And after taking a quick look at a few of our past traditional custom homes, it’s apparent why. Mixing classic, simple design from our country’s many regions, you’ll notice they’re reminiscent of favored styles like Colonial, Victorian, Tudor and even Ranch. With rich wood tones, relatively conservative color palettes, intricate textures/details, and symmetry, these homes capture the eyes of the vast majority of those who step through our door.

Many of our own custom designed traditional homes pair neutral color palettes with rich accents to create a feeling of warmth desired by our clients. Spacious living rooms are made more home-like and seamless with stone and dark wood, commonly introduced through fireplaces and ceiling trusses. Our kitchens become points of emphasis in our homes as well, (in this case in particular) with hardwood cabinets stained to ideally compliment dark marbleized floors and stainless steel appliances for a fresh appeal. Though you may see these elements accented throughout all of our traditional homes, each house is made its own with custom details, finishes and applications while staying true to traditional design.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Ultimately choosing your style of custom home comes down to what works for you. Your favorite finishes. Your favorite furniture. Your favorite layout to fit your lifestyle. And after years of experience, we’ve learned that the easiest way to determine your ideal style is to see it for yourself.

Take a peek at just some of our traditional homes below, and if they catch your eye, then traditional is right for you!

Anaqua Springs Ranch Flores Caliza

custom home builders san antonio Anaqua Springs 33

custom home builder san antonio Anaqua Springs 25

custom home builders Anaqua Springs 47

custom home builders Anaqua Springs 58

custom home builders Anaqua Springs 62


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